Week Seven Predictions

Joe-flacco-2Last week in terms of predictions was another where I did alright straight up, but struggled with the spread. With the halfway point almost here, we’ve obviously seen teams jump ahead of the pack, but that doesn’t mean others can’t get hot. Last year, the Jaguars entered week seven with the same 3-3 record and they went on to win the division title at 10-6. Another example from 2017 is the Panthers leaving week seven as a 4-3 team. They went on to win seven of their next eight and finished as an 11-5 playoff team. This can work in the opposite direction as we all know about the Chiefs rough patch that started this time last year. Essentially, the league’s landscape is always changing and that will be on display in the coming weeks.

Last week: 9-6, Season: 55-38

Last week against the spread: 6-9, Season: 40-53

Game of the weak: Bills vs Colts: The Bills have been one of the biggest enigmas of this entire season. Not only have they pulled out games nobody gave them a chance in, but their handling of the quarterback position has been baffling. Josh Allen is clearly seen as the quarterback of the future, but Nathan Peterman is named the starter (likely due to a run of tough defenses early on). Peterman struggles, meaning Allen ends up being thrown into the fire game one, gets hurt this past Sunday and Peterman throws what ends up being a game deciding pick six. Now in Allen’s absence, the Bills will be starting Derek Anderson who signed less than two weeks ago.

Not to be lost in the shuffle, there were reports that starting Peterman could result in head coach Sean McDermott lose the locker room. My biggest question is, with all the Panthers ties in the Bill front office why didn’t they sign Anderson months ago? They’d know his temperament having been around him in Carolina, and Anderson having been in the league for a decade plus, would know his role and help out Allen’s development. How this plays out over the next few weeks could an interesting plot to follow. Bills 17 Colts (-7.5) 24

Game of the week: Saints vs Ravens: There were a few options I could have gone with here, but I’m opting for this matchup between one of the league’s most potent offenses against one of its more imposing defenses. Drew Brees easily passed his last test against a highly ranked defense in the Redskins two weeks ago, but going on the road could make things tougher. The Ravens offense and Joe Flacco have shown more signs of live than in recent years, but they might not have the firepower to keep up if this turned into a shootout. If the Ravens do pull out a win here, it wouldn’t be surprising if some start considering them one of if not the team to beat in the AFC. Saints 24 Ravens (-2.5) 21

Lions 23 Dolphins (+3.5) 24

Texans 17 Jaguars (-5.5) 21

Titans 20 Chargers (-6.5) 28

Patriots 30 Bears (+3.5) 24

Vikings 26 Jets (+3.5) 20

Panthers 21 Eagles (-4.5) 27

Browns 23 Buccaneers (-3.5) 28

Rams 31 49ers (+9.5) 20

Cowboys 21 Redskins (-1.5) 17

Bengals 27 Chiefs (-6.5) 33

Giants 23 Falcons (-5.5) 30


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