Week Two Predictions

26d4e1d7-e072-4b55-885b-bd9671eb2647-USATSI_10560342.jpgWeek one was solid in terms of predictions as I went above .500 picking straight up and against the spread. A week in now, it feels like we have a grasp of teams, but it’s important not to overreact too quickly. The Saints started off 0-2 last year before being a “Minneapolis Miracle” away from the NFC title game. On the other side of the spectrum, the Broncos started 2-0 and finished the year 5-11. We’re still in the process of sorting things out, and it might be another month or so before things get clearer.

Last week: 9-7

Last week against the spread: 9-7

Game of the weak: Chargers vs Bills: The Chargers have big aspirations this year and it’s Josh Allen’s first career start, but this is the game I’d be least likely to put on this weekend. Not surprisingly, the Chargers are decimated by injuries already, and Joey Bosa’s foot injury has been worse than initially implied. At what point does the team bring in a whole new training staff if they haven’t already? Despite that, the offense should be able to put up points. Chargers 26 Bills (+7.5) 14

Game of the week: Patriots vs Jaguars: Only in the NFL is a conference title rematch not given the primetime slot. Instead, it’s the Giants/Cowboys on national TV once again. This rematch should be interesting given the Patriots offense has plenty of injuries/suspensions working against them at this time. Despite that, we’ve seen Tom Brady overcome this before against ferocious defenses before. In most cases he consistently moves the ball with short completions while generating points and tiring defenders. While the talk of a Rob Gronkowski/Jalen Ramsey matchup is what generates headlines, Blake Bortles is going to determine the outcome. If he manages to match Brady score for score, it bodes much better for the Jaguars’ chances. Patriots 26 Jaguars (+2.5) 20

Colts 17 Redskins (-5.5) 23

Vikings 23 Packers (-1.5) 21

Panthers 21 Falcons (-5.5) 26

Dolphins 21 Jets (-3.5) 17

Texans 20 Titans (+2.5) 23

Eagles 24 Buccaneers (+3.5) 20

Chiefs 27 Steelers (-5.5) 31

Browns 21 Saints (-8.5) 28

Cardinals 14 Rams (-12.5) 27

Lions 20 49ers (-5.5) 28

Raiders 16 Broncos (-5.5) 23

Giants 24 Cowboys (-3.5) 17

Seahawks 17 Bears (-3.5) 20



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