Week One Predictions

cutAfter a long wait, week one is finally here. Thanks to a full slate of games and intrigue/hope surrounding teams, this can be one of the better weeks of the year for fans. Of course, that same intrigue and uncertainty can just make it harder to make predictions. With teams not flashing anything during preseason, and even more players resting than usual, there’s no telling how ready some teams will be. That being said, it’s time to get to the predictions in what should be a fun slate of games.

Last season: 167-89

Last season against the spread: 126-130

Game of the weak: Titans vs Dolphins: Every game at this point has an interesting story line or some intrigue, so this section was hard to pick. Basically it came down to which game would I personally be least likely to watch. While I’m interested in how Ryan Tannehill looks in his first start after sitting out a year, this game gets the short of the stick. With that said, the Titans offense will look quite different from last year so from a “fun to watch” standpoint, they could work their way up the list. Titans 24 Dolphins (+1.5) 20

Game of the week: 49ers vs Vikings: Falcons/Eagles would have been the pick here, but this matchup has plenty of intrigue for what will be a crowded NFC playoff picture. Now having a full offseason with the 49ers, how will Jimmy Garoppolo perform against the fearsome Vikings defense? Kyle Shanahan has come up with plans to attack premier defense before, so with months to prepare what he dials up will be a lot of fun. Of course the Vikings made their own quarterback move signing Kirk Cousins in what seems to be an upgrade. With Dalvin Cook also returning to the Viking offense, how much of the load Cousins is asked to carry offensively will be an interesting development. 49ers 17 Vikings (-6.5) 24

Steelers 27 Browns (+4.5) 23

Bills 13 Ravens (-7.5) 21

Buccaneers 20 Saints (-9.5) 31

Bengals 26 Colts (-3.5) 21

Jaguars 26 Giants (+3.5) 17

Texans 21 Patriots (-6.5) 28

Chiefs 20 Chargers (-3.5) 27

Redskins 21 Cardinals (+0.5) 23

Cowboys 20 Panthers (-3.5) 24

Seahawks 16 Broncos (-3.5) 21

Bears 23 Packers (-7.5) 31

Jets 21 Lions (-6.5) 27

Rams 26 Raiders (+5.5) 20



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