Week Six Predictions

usa_today_10271859.0In terms of predictions, last week was by far my best of the season to date. As the league sorts itself out, hopefully the positive results will continue. So far we have seen plenty of balance in terms of competitiveness around the league. Entering this week 17 teams sat at either 2-3 or 3-2. Heck, the entire AFC South sat at those records and in the AFC East every team has at least two wins. With margins so slim, games this time of year are what really could make the difference in an early vacation or playing in the postseason. Just don’t be surprised if you’re in a situation of debating how things would’ve unfolded for your favorite team had they won a specific game in October.

Last week: 10-4, Season: 42-35

Last week against the spread: 10-4, Season: 40-37

Game of the weak: Colts vs Titans: When this game was chosen for Monday Night Football, there was an assumption we would be seeing a showdown between Andrew Luck and Marcus Mariota. Now we’re locked into Jacoby Brissett (who has actually fared very well given the circumstances), and at the time of writing a 50/50 shot of Matt Cassel starting for the Titans. Since filling in for Mariota, Cassel has completed less than 60 percent of his passes while averaging less than four yards per pass attempt. If that’s the case, the Titans will really need their ground game to step up in a game which is shaping to be a must win for a team who was a trendy pick to contend in the AFC. Colts 20 Titans (-6.5) 21

Game of the week: Rams vs Jaguars: Eagles/Panthers would’ve been my choice, but having played last night that’s obviously out of the question. Instead, I’ll feature some teams who have surprised early on. While there is still a lot to improve, Jared Goff looks much more comfortable in his second NFL season. Now after getting the “Legion in Boom” in the Seahawks, he faces what I call “The Jaxson 5” in the Jaguar secondary. Considering the Jaguars by comparison have struggled against the run, Todd Gurley figures to be heavily involved.

The outcome of the Jaguars games basically depends on if they can control the tempo. In their three wins, they’ve been able to run with Leonard Fournette and by building leads have forced their opponents to throw frequently. In the Jaguars losses, they’ve either gotten behind early or strayed away from the run. Essentially, if Blake Bortles is throwing 30 plus times the odds of a Jaguar win is drastically lowered. Considering they’ve been up and down with their performances, a home win here would be a huge statement by the Jaguars. Rams 17 Jaguars (-2.5) 21

Dolphins 16 Falcons (-12.5) 26

Packers 26 Vikings (+3.5) 23

Lions 24 Saints (-4.5) 27

Patriots 31 Jets (+9.5) 16

49ers 17 Redskins (-10.5) 26

Bears 13 Ravens (-6.5) 21

Browns 17 Texans (-9.5) 27

Buccaneers 24 Cardinals (+1.5) 21

Steelers 23 Chiefs (-4.5) 28

Chargers 21 Raiders (-3.5) 23

Giants 13 Broncos (-12.5) 26



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