Week Five Predictions

usatsi_9812651.jpgIn a rough first quarter of the season to predict, last week was a nice change as I was above .500 both straight up and against the spread. With only one matchup this week featuring winning teams, it seems we’re almost at a point the league has been hoping for which is plenty of parody. Even the stronger teams through the first quarter of the season all have at least one major flaw, so it will be really interesting to see what teams can overcome them during the 2017 season.

Last week: 9-7, Season: 32-31

Last week against the spread: 10-6, Season: 30-33

Game of the weak: Chargers vs Giants: This matchup features two teams who many (myself included) thought would be playoff bound this season. Instead, both teams enter this one 0-4. While both have lost multiple games that came down to the very end, another interesting thing they share is starting older quarterbacks. With Philip Rivers and Eli Manning both on the back nine of their respective careers, a rough year could be a blessing in disguise to allow the franchises to select their eventual heir apparent. This is the NFL though, and teams aren’t going to tank so it will be interesting to see how both franchises respond to the early season adversity. Chargers 21 Giants (-3.5) 24

Game of the week: Packers vs Cowboys: In a game that is pretty much the league’s wet dream, you have everything you could want in this one. A playoff rematch, “star power”, fantasy football implications, and most importantly two teams who figure to be in the thick of things in the NFC. The one thing I’m interested to see this week is how much Dez Bryant is involved, and how he performs. To this point, he hasn’t been very efficient and has been the subject of plenty of Twitter backlash. However, he’s had a daunting slate of opposing corners to start the year. This is the first week Bryant has a pretty favorable matchup opposing him, so it will be intriguing to see if the Cowboys take advantage. Packers 28 Cowboys (-2.5) 24

Bills 23 Bengals (-3.5) 20

Jets 20 Browns (-0.5) 17

Panthers 17 Lions (-2.5) 23

49ers 21 Colts (-1.5) 24

Titans 16 Dolphins (+3.5) 21

Cardinals 20 Eagles (-6.5) 27

Jaguars 17 Steelers (-8.5) 26

Seahawks 24 Rams (-1.5) 21

Ravens 23 Raiders (-2.5) 17

Chiefs 26 Texans (+1.5) 21

Vikings 24 Bears (+3.5) 17



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