Week 16 Fantasy Surprises

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

For my fantasy surprises in week 15, it was one I would like to forget. Nobody really stood out, so hopefully this week I’m able to bounce back. For the majority of players, this is championship weekend in fantasy leagues. It’s hard to believe the fantasy season has flown by like this, but here we are. If you have reached the final in your league, congrats on getting to this point. As usual, my advice for this week is stick with the players who got you to this point. In the case of a lot of teams, that could be due to a standout running back or receiver, but it goes for all over the roster. Don’t try and be cute just stick with players you know are reliable. Obviously with so much of fantasy being luck based there could be hindsight, but going with players who have come through week after week even in defeat, would make a loss easier to get over.

QB: Blake Bortles vs Titans: This pick applies more to daily fantasy players, as if you made your league’s title game I’d hope you’d have a better quarterback option. While Bortles has obviously regressed this season, the ability to thrive in garbage time is still there. The Titans might be able to put this out of reach early enough where there is a nice value to be had. Expect around 240 total yards and two touchdowns.

RB: Frank Gore vs Raiders: Even behind a struggling offensive line, Gore continues to find ways to get it done. While he can have touchdowns vultured from him at the goalline, he is still a nice bet to get 20 to 25 touches in what should be a close contest. Also, it’s worth noting the Raiders have allowed nearly 1,500 yards rushing to opposing backs this season. Expect around 90 total yards and a touchdown.

WR: Kenny Britt vs 49ers: While Jared Goff’s struggles have been documented, someone obviously has to fill in as his leading receiver and that guy has been Britt. On his way to 1,000 yards for the season, Britt has been one of the few offensive highlights for the Rams and could benefit from the nice matchup this weekend. Expect around 70 yards and a touchdown.

TE: Eric Ebron vs Cowboys: While Matthew Stafford is known to spread the ball around in their current offense, Ebron is worth a look this week. The Cowboys have had some struggles against opposing tight ends, and while he hasn’t been lived up to the draft billing, Ebron represents a difficult matchup. The Lions recent redzone struggles could hurt his value, but don’t be surprised if Ebron has a nice performance. Expect around 60 yards and a touchdown.

K: Roberto Aguayo vs Saints: Due to his high selection in the draft by kicker standards, Aguayo has gotten more attention than most would when he misses. In recent weeks, that talk has started to fade away. It seems I’ve had him in this space a lot, but this is yet another favorable matchup for Aguayo so if you stream kickers, he would be a nice place to start. Expect around two field goals and three extra points.

DEF: Packers vs Vikings: This choice could backfire on me, but the Vikings struggled offensively to the point against the Colts where this seemed like a good spot. Not only is a win huge for the Packers, but it’s at home and the Vikings don’t have a ton to play for. Plus, with their struggling offensive line we just know Dom Capers is going to dial up plenty of blitzes for the Packers to get to Sam Bradford. Expect around four sacks and an interception.

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