Week 11 Predictions

diggs-peterson-111716-thumbIn terms of overall quality of play, this past week of games was the best we’ve seen this year. Fortunately for the league it came at a perfect time. For regular season games, the Cowboys/Steelers and Seahawks/Patriots games were as good as you can ask for. While they don’t have the intrigue of the week ten slate, there are a lot of games this week that will end up having an impact in the playoff picture as the season progresses.

Last week: 6-8, Season: 82-65

Last week against the spread: 8-6, Season: 68-79

Game of the weak: Bills vs Bengals: Did you know this is  one of the two matchups this week that doesn’t feature a team that is at least .500? That either shows that the AFC North (accountable for three of the four teams in those games) is horrendous, or that after a few teams, nobody in the league is that good. I’m leaning towards both of those statements being true at the moment. Bills 20 Bengals (-2.5) 23

Game of the week: Cardinals vs Vikings: After starting off 5-0, panic has started to hit the Minneapolis area as the Vikings now sit 5-4. Despite their extremely talented defense, there isn’t much that can be done if your offense can’t put up points. Considering the way injuries have hit the Vikings offensive line, Sam Bradford could be in for a long month or so.

While the Cardinals haven’t lived up to the preseason expectations of many, they are still right in the thick of things in the NFC. At 4-4-1, they are on the outside looking in at the playoff picture coming into this one. However, this is still a team with plenty of talent on both sides of the ball. At worse, they will be a very dangerous spoiler. Cardinals 24 Vikings (-2.5) 20

Steelers 26 Browns (+8.5) 17

Ravens 21 Cowboys (-7.5) 28

Jaguars 20 Lions (-6.5) 27

Titans 26 Colts (-3.5) 23

Buccaneers 16 Chiefs (-7.5) 24

Bears 14 Giants (-7.5) 23

Dolphins 24 Rams (+1.5) 17

Patriots 37 49ers (+13.5) 21

Eagles 17 Seahawks (-6.5) 26

Packers 21 Redskins (-3.5) 26

Texans 20 Raiders (-6.5) 27

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