Week 10 Predictions

Week nine represented another decent one in terms of predictions, so hopefully that trend continues deeper on into the second half of the season. While often times throughout the year fans have often complained about the games to watch, that shouldn’t be the case this week. This weekend features some extremely interesting matchups including a few that depending on who you ask, could even be possible Super Bowl previews. While people have panicked about the league’s ratings to this point, unless they fail to meet expectations for some of these games there is no reason to worry.

Last week: 9-4, Season: 76-57

Last week against the spread: 6-7, Season: 60-73

Game of the weak: Rams vs Jets: If you’re a fan of turnover free quarterback play, this doesn’t figure to be one for you. The projected starters Ryan Fitzpatrick and Case Keenum currently rank first and second in the league in interceptions thrown. At this point with the Rams sitting at 3-5 the calls for Jared Goff continue to only get louder. It also doesn’t help that the rookie quarterbacks who have started this year have done fairly well.

Plus, sitting a player you mortgaged the farm for when he could be providing his best possible value (above average QB play on a rookie deal), it makes little sense. Aside from Goff adjusting to NFL sets from an air raid style college attack, this could just be a card Jeff Fisher is holding in case of emergency. If Rams ownership is sick of seeing the product that has ranged from 6-10 to 8-8 in recent years, there is no doubt Fisher will play the “well, we didn’t show how the team would look with Goff this season” card if it means saving his job. Regardless, it is a very intriguing situation to follow through the remainder of the season. Rams 16 Jets (-2.5) 21

Game of the week: Seahawks vs Patriots: There were other strong candidates for this spot, but I really didn’t have a choice here. This is the first meeting for these two teams since the still baffling ending to their Super Bowl showdown a few years ago. For the Seahawks, this is a very interesting test. Not only are they on a short week traveling to the east coast, but the team doesn’t have the depth they did the last time these teams played.The good news is Russell Wilson this past Monday seemed to have gotten back on track in the passing game and did that through a heavy dose of Jimmy Graham. Who would of thought throwing to the now healthy, freakish tight end you traded a first rounder and starting center for would pay off?

While Jamie Collins had moments where he struggled in coverage with the Patriots, he did have the athleticism few linebackers possess to stick with Graham. It will be interesting to see how the Patriots defense goes about defending him. In a wide open season for playoff slots, there aren’t many teams we can say for certain are very good. The Patriots are one of, if not the only team we can say are in fact as good as their record suggests. For that reason, I’m siding with them in what should be another closely contested matchup. Seahawks 23 Patriots (-7.5) 28 

Packers 23 Titans (+2.5) 21

Vikings 17 Redskins (-2.5) 20

Bears 24 Buccaneers (+1.5) 21

Chiefs 24 Panthers (-3.5) 20

Falcons 27 Eagles (+2.5) 21

Broncos 24 Saints (-3.5) 26

Texans 20 Jaguars (-2.5) 16

Dolphins 23 Chargers (-4.5) 27

Cowboys 26 Steelers (-2.5) 24

49ers 17 Cardinals (-13.5) 31

Bengals 23 Giants (-0.5) 20

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