Week Nine Predictions

052016-nfl-derekcarr-pi-vadapt-664-high-64Last week was another decent one for predictions, so hopefully a breakthrough week is on the verge. While week eight was arguably the most exciting weekend of games we’ve had this season, there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered in the second half of the season. For me, the main one is simply how many of these teams are actually good? Yes, we know the Patriots are for real at this point but beyond that it gets bleak. There is no clear cut team in the NFC. The Vikings appeared to be a favorite, but their offensive line is decimated, the defensive struggles the Falcons have had could come back to bite them, etc. At the least, trying to figure all of this out makes for a very interesting second half of the season.

Last week: 8-5, Season: 67-53

Last week against the spread: 6-7, Season: 54-66

Game of the weak: Panthers vs Rams: As we all know, Cam Newton recently spoke with Roger Goodell in regards to the hits he has been taking this year. Due to Newton’s physical presence and that he will run, it does seem that compared to other quarterbacks he is officiated differently. His first game after the talk is against a defense coached by Gregg “kill the head” Williams. This should go well. Panthers 24 Rams (+3.5) 20

Game of the week: Broncos vs Raiders: Now this is what I’m talking about. A top notch defense against an exciting, young offense that’s finally getting to show what they can do for a national audience. While I’ve enjoyed watching the Raiders this year, they’re another team despite sitting at 6-2 we are unsure how good they actually are. The five road wins is extremely impressive, but we’ve yet to see them beat a team that figures to be in contention come January.

This is a great test for Derek Carr and the young Raiders, and should serve as a nice measuring stick to see what they are compared to where they hope to be. Broncos 26 Raiders (-1.5) 21

Steelers 23 Ravens (+1.5) 20

Cowboys 27 Browns (+7.5) 17

Jaguars 16 Chiefs (-7.5) 27

Jets 17 Dolphins (-3.5) 21

Eagles 20 Giants (-2.5) 24

Lions 21 Vikings (-6.5) 23

Saints 26 49ers (+4.5) 20

Titans 21 Chargers (-4.5) 24

Colts 23 Packers (-7.5) 31

Bills 16 Seahawks (-7.5) 24


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