Week Eight Predictions

 Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Last week was one of my first above average ones in terms of predictions in a few weeks now, so hopefully I’ve gotten back on track. With six teams on bye, there will only be 12 games this Sunday/Monday and on paper there a few that look pretty intriguing. Hopefully the lack of quantity is made up for in quality with this slate.

Last week: 9-6, Season: 58-49

Last week against the spread: 8-7, Season: 48-59

Game of the weak: Jets vs Browns: You know your team can’t catch a break when even if you bench a quarterback, they still get back into action within one game of the move being made. In the case of Ryan Fitzpatrick and the Jets, it barely lasted a half. Fitzpatrick then went on after the game about how the front office and coaching staff didn’t have any trust in him. At the end of the day, the Jets may have had trust in Fitzpatrick (they wouldn’t of caved to meet his demands this offseason otherwise), but it’s a results driven league. In terms of the “what have you done for me lately?” department, there hasn’t been a lot of good for the last four or five weeks in Fitzpatrick’s case.

The Browns remain winless, but are the type of team that scares you to death 35 minutes into the game for picking against them in your survival pool. They’re going to run into a win or two at some point this year. With Josh McCown returning and the Jets vulnerable secondary coming into town, this could be the one. Jets 26 Browns (+3.5) 24

Game of the week: Eagles vs Cowboys: Sure, this fills the national quota of NFC East primetime games, but it’s also a very intriguing game in terms of how each teams match up personnel wise. For the Cowboys, the main question will be Ezekiel Elliott going up against the Eagles defensive line. Elliott has already aced his toughest tests so far, but Jim Schwartz is known for his defenses having stout defensive line play, and has familiarity with Scott Linehan on the other side having coached together in Detroit.

With the Eagles, I’m looking to see how Carson Wentz bounces back from his first few sub-par performances. Yes, Wentz is a rookie so these struggles aren’t uncommon and the league obviously has a better read on what he can do. Games like these though can showcase that “it” factor which some have attached to Wentz. Facing adversity on one of the league’s grandest stages will be interesting to watch unfold. Eagles 2o Cowboys (-4.5) 24

Redskins 17 Bengals (-3.5) 24

Chiefs 26 Colts (+3.5) 21

Raiders 27 Buccaneers (+0.5) 21

Seahawks 24 Saints (+3.5) 20

Lions 21 Texans (-2.5) 16

Patriots 31 Bills (+6.5) 21

Cardinals 21 Panthers (-3.5) 24

Chargers 21 Broncos (-4.5) 23

Packers 26 Falcons (-3.5) 24

Vikings 24 Bears (+5.5) 17




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