Week Six Predictions

Week five was yet another rough one for my predictions and now stretching two or three weeks of tough weeks it seems I’m in a legitimate slump. Hopefully once the landscape of the league becomes clearer the predictions will benefit as well. While now should be a very exciting time for NFL fans as we hit the meat of the regular season, I’m getting a different vibe from a lot of people I have talked football with in recent weeks.

While it’s due to various themes, those I’ve talked to just haven’t been able to get into the NFL season the way they have in years past. Some have cited which I agree with that there is a lack of game flow due to the frequent penalties. Others cite the fun being taken out of the sport whether it’s touchdown celebrations or something such as cleats dedicated to various people or causes.  The last one that came up is just the conclusion of why bother investing when my teams are going to continue to suck.  And that’s one of the interesting issues with the NFL landscape.

While the league is constantly promoting their league parody, that is much more applicable on a week to week basis. At the end of the year, odds are it will be the same teams in the races that we’ve become accustomed to. So unfortunately, on most occasions if you’re rooting for an upstart team in the AFC, chances are the best you can hope for is a loss late in the playoffs considering odds are they’ll end up falling to the Patriots, Broncos, or Steelers.

Regardless, let’s hope the rest of the season does have plenty of intrigue as we start getting towards teams planning for their playoff pushes.

Last week: 7-7, Season: 41-36

Last week against the spread: 4-10, Season: 34-43

Game of the weak: Panthers vs Saints: Do I think this game will be awful? I don’t, but mainly I wanted to point out that along with Jaguars/Bears and Browns/Titans, this is the game with the least combined wins between the teams. The Panthers appear to have a Super Bowl hangover that is far to potent for your typical Advil or Gatorade fix while the Saints defense still has it’s fair share of struggles. For a game between two teams with playoff hopes dwindling away, this could actually be quite entertaining. Panthers 26 Saints (+3.5) 23

Game of the week: Falcons vs Seahawks: Last week many figured the Falcons offense would slow down after facing a vaunted Broncos defense. Instead, they kept rolling and now they face yet another top tier defense on the road. The Seahawks have had their ups and downs, but assuming their lack of depth doesn’t start becoming an issue, they should be a contender yet again in the NFC. One thing I’ll be looking for in this one is to see if the Seahawks are able to establish running the ball. Coming off a bye, this was likely a focal point they looked to address  so it will be interesting to see how they fare. Falcons 20 Seahawks (-6.5) 26

Jaguars 21 Bears (-2.5) 24

49ers 17 Bills (-8.5) 26

Eagles 24 Redskins (+2.5) 20

Ravens 17 Giants (-3.5) 23

Browns 16 Titans (-7.5) 24

Rams 20 Lions (-3.5) 24

Steelers 27 Dolphins (+7.5) 17

Bengals 20 Patriots (-9.5) 30

Chiefs 23 Raiders (+1.5) 26

Cowboys 23 Packers (-4.5) 26

Colts 17 Texans (-3.5) 24

Jets 21 Cardinals (-7.5) 27



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