Week One Predictions

110115-nfl-rams-49ers-ln-pi-vresize-1200-675-high-40The first full slate of games is finally here, but with it comes one of the toughest weeks to predict. Teams rarely open up the playbook in preseason, so it’s tough to predict how teams will start out of the gate. Regardless, this should be a highly entertaining week one of football in what should be yet another exciting year.

Last season: 162-94

Last season against the spread: 129-127

Game of the weak: Rams vs 49ers: I’m sure a Case Keenum/Blaine Gabbert quarterback showdown was exactly how the NFL planned their first regular season game in 20  plus years catered to the Los Angeles market. Despite that, there are some interesting things to follow as it will be interesting seeing how Gabbert plays in Chip Kelly’s offense, along with if the tempo of said offense hurts the fatigue of a 49ers defense trying to stop Todd Gurley. Too bad most of the country will be fast asleep before seeing how it all plays out. Rams 23 49ers (+2.5) 16

Game of the week: Patriots vs Cardinals: Did I really have much of a choice? This game would have been a possible Super Bowl preview if Tom Brady was indeed free to play. However, the wrinkle of this being Jimmy Garoppolo’s first start and coming against a top tier defense on the road will be fascinating to watch. Like any young quarterback, Garoppolo had his ups and downs in preseason, but now we get to see how he responds when the bright lights turn on.

For the Cardinals, the big question has to be how Carson Palmer performs. While his struggles in the NFC title game vs the Panthers are obviously well documented, the limited preseason play he had wasn’t encouraging. While it could be health related, we have seen bad outings alter quarterbacks mentally so hopefully that isn’t the case for Palmer. This should be a highly entertaining contest between two of the league’s more complete rosters. Patriots 21 Cardinals (-5.5) 27

Buccaneers 21 Falcons (-2.5) 24

Bills 20 Ravens (-2.5) 23

Bears 17 Texans (-6.5) 26

Packers 28 Jaguars (+5.5) 23

Bengals 23 Jets (+2.5) 17

Chargers 20 Chiefs (-6.5) 28

Raiders 26 Saints (-1.5) 31

Browns 16 Eagles (-3.5) 20

Vikings 20 Titans (+2.5) 17

Dolphins 20 Seahawks (-10.5) 33

Giants 23 Cowboys (+0.5) 26

Lions 27 Colts (-3.5) 23

Steelers 26 Redskins (+3.5) 20



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