Week 17 Predictions

a-18As I was worried about writing them a day earlier than usual, week 16 was not my finest hour in terms of predictions. Granted it was a tough week to predict in the first place, but having one less day to see injury developments unfold didn’t help. Now after a hot start, I’m barely clinging onto an above .500 record against the spread and this week doesn’t get any easier. Granted only one team across the entire league (the Redskins of all teams) is locked into their playoff seeding. But we don’t know if teams will be resting¬†starters or if those who already have been eliminated will want an early look at some young players heading into the 2016 season.

Last week: 8-8, Season: 155-85

Last week against the spread: 6-10, Season: 121-119

Game of the weak: Titans vs Colts: The Colts need like nine things to go their way this Sunday, but technically they’re still currently in the playoff mix. However, with Matt Hasselbeck ruled out they’re going to have to either start a quarterback off the practice squad (Stephen Morris) or one who was signed off the street in the last week (Josh Freeman or the immortal Ryan Lindley). Throw in that the Titans only have the number one pick to play for and this could be awfully hard to watch. Titans 17 Colts (-2.5) 13

Game of the week: Jets vs Bills: A win and in playoff scenario that can be stopped by an extremely petty former coach? Sign me up. By now we’re all well aware that Rex Ryan is one who holds a grudge and there is nothing he’d love more than to spoil his former employers season. With this being the only true scenario where a win clinches a playoff berth, this game was an easy pick for me. Jets 24 Bills (+2.5) 20

Patriots 31 Dolphins (+10.5) 20

Saints 23 Falcons (-5.5) 28

Ravens 17 Bengals (-9.5) 21

Steelers 27 Browns (+10.5) 16

Jaguars 21 Texans (-6.5) 28

Redskins 20 Cowboys (-3.5) 14

Eagles 21 Giants (-3.5) 27

Lions 23 Bears (-1.5) 21

Buccaneers 17 Panthers (-10.5) 28

Raiders 16 Chiefs (-6.5) 24

Chargers 14 Broncos (-9.5) 23

Seahawks 21 Cardinals (-6.5) 28

Rams 17 49ers (+3.5) 14

Vikings 20 Packers (-3.5) 24

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