Week Eight Predictions

6495-peyton-manning-frustratedLast week was probably my best of the season as I had a solid showing picking straight up, but managed to do even better against the spread. While I covered the five undefeated teams in the opening last week, now it’s time to look at the opposite side of the coin. For teams sitting at 2-5 or 1-6, this very well might be their last stand for the year. There are currently nine teams with five or more losses and unless you’re in a division with a possible champion under .500 (looking at you AFC South), then you have to finish the season with a 7-2 or 8-1 stretch to really have a shot at playoff contention. Multiple of these teams even play against each other this week, so it will be interesting to see how they rise to the occasion.

Last week: 10-4, Season: 72-33

Last week against the spread: 11-3, Season: 61-44

Game of the weak: Lions vs Chiefs: Once again we’re stuck with a subpar matchup for a morning London game which we’re still all going to get up and watch due to it simply being football. The Lions made some big changes to their coaching staff this week most notably getting rid of offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi. You know the coaching is bad when the team says “you know what? We’re going to go ahead and do this before heading on our plane to London”. In his place steps former quarterbacks coach and member of the great names in sports hall of fame Jim Bob Cooter. We as fans really need to cherish the Cooter era as much as possible the next nine or ten weeks.

Despite that, this could actually be an exciting game to watch. Both teams have struggled on defense and the checkers match between Jim Caldwell and Andy Reid could give us some game management blunders leading this one to go down to the wire. Lions 20 Chiefs (-6.5) 23

Game of the week: Packers vs Broncos: With these two meeting, we can guarantee at least one undefeated team will be going down in week eight. And baring a Super Bowl rematch, this is probably the last time Aaron Rodgers will ever face off against Peyton Manning. Both teams coming off the bye makes this one even more interesting as Rodgers had two weeks to come up with ways to attack the stout Broncos defense and vice versa. In the event the Packers somehow jump out to a very early lead and don’t look back, this one could just become sad to watch.

Manning hasn’t been “Peyton Manning” for almost the last calendar year now. At this point we can probably say father time has beaten him and even managed to cover the spread. Watching Manning try to play catch up as a shell of his old shelf against arguably the best quarterback in the league isn’t a way us as fans want to see a changing of the guard. Packers 24 Broncos (+2.5) 17

Buccaneers 20 Falcons (-7.5) 28

Cardinals 27 Browns (+4.5) 17

49ers 13 Rams (-8.5) 24

Giants 23 Saints (-3.5) 27

Vikings 24 Bears (+2.5) 20

Chargers 24 Ravens (-2.5) 28

Bengals 26 Steelers (-0.5) 23

Titans 14 Texans (-4.5) 17

Jets 23 Raiders (+1.5) 20

Seahawks 24 Cowboys (+5.5) 16

Colts 20 Panthers (-6.5) 27



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