Week Seven Predictions

darrelle-revis-nfl-cleveland-browns-new-york-jets3-850x560Predictions wise, week six wasn’t my best but I’ll take it as I managed to go over .500 against the spread. With five undefeated teams left entering week seven, this has been one of the oddest openings to a season in recent memory. And with three of them on bye this week, we already know at least three will carry on even further. The interesting aspect is how differently the undefeated teams have won their games. While teams like the Patriots have won theirs with authority, the rest of the slate has had some games come down to the very end. It will be interesting to see how these currently undefeated teams “take care of business” in the next few weeks.

Last week: 8-6, Season: 62-29

Last week against the spread: 8-6, Season: 50-41

Game of the weak: Bills vs Jaguars: Unless your a Bills or Jaguars fan, this game will be a good measuring stick of how deep your need for football really goes. Assuming you live in the US, are you willing to start your Sunday morning at 9 AM (or earlier) with E.J. Manuel? This is also the first game where instead of being televised outside of local markets, it is free to stream on Yahoo. Basically, this is the league’s way of saying to the Jaguars you can have the London game, but we’re using it as an experiment.

Also if the Jaguars defensively can’t stop Manuel without Sammy Watkins and Percy Harvin, what does that really say Gus Bradley? If you’re a defensive minded coach who has had enough time to get his guys in his system, the collective unit should be getting better not worse but that’s what is happening here. Bills 23 Jaguars (+4.5) 20

Game of the week: Jets vs Patriots: Now this is what we’re talking about. The league’s top offense and it’s top defense squaring off in a divisional game. With the way Tom Brady is playing of late it is obviously tough to beat him, but the Jets have the personnel that could limit how much he sees the field. A player I’m really going to keep an eye on in this one is Dion Lewis. Against teams with pass rushes such as this one, Brady usually gets off the ball incredibly quick while dinking and dunking his way down the field. That’s a formula which figures to give Lewis a very big role. Jets 20 Patriots (-8.5) 28

Vikings 20 Lions (+2.5) 17

Buccaneers 23 Redskins (-3.5) 20

Falcons 26 Titans (+3.5) 17

Saints 23 Colts (-4.5) 31

Steelers 16 Chiefs (+1.5) 17

Browns 16 Rams (-4.5) 24

Texans 20 Dolphins (-3.5) 26

Raiders 23 Chargers (-3.5) 28

Cowboys 17 Giants (-4.5) 24

Eagles 20 Panthers (-2.5) 24

Ravens 23 Cardinals (-7.5) 34





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