Week Six Predictions

Erich Schlegel / USA TODAY Sports

Erich Schlegel / USA TODAY Sports

Week five was merely an average one for my predictions as I did alright straight up, but managed to go .500 against the spread. This is an interesting time for the league as while we have five undefeated teams left (six before the Falcons lost last night), there are only a few who look the part. This is where you have to keep your expectations in check as an early record isn’t always indicative of a teams ability. Teams may of just had an easy stretch of games or had a rough patch in their schedule. That is just another thing to keep in mind while watching games these next few weeks.

Last week: 10-4, Season: 54-23

Last week against the spread: 7-7, Season: 42-35

Game of the weak: Dolphins vs Titans: I don’t think the Dolphins would of ever figured they’d be associated with the word “weak” this year, but it’s where they are at this point. Interim head coach Dan Campbell is looking to change that as early indicators are that the Dolphins will emphasize the run more. With the way Ryan Tannehill has been pressured so far that’s probably a good idea. It will be interesting to see how they fare against a Titans team who may only have one win, but has been pretty frisky to this point. Dolphins 20 Titans (-2.5) 17

Game of the week: Patriots vs Colts: The AFC Championship rematch would have been my choice here regardless, but the extracurricular events are what really sets this apart for me. If you were fortunate to have missed the entire offseason, we know that the Colts are who reported the Patriots on the condition of their footballs and began what it is now known as deflategate. So while we’ve seen an extremely motivated Tom Brady up to this point, it could go to a whole level Sunday. I’m just wondering if they’re going to let Brady throw it 60 times even when they’re up 30 points or if the Patriots will um “take the air out of the ball” by chewing up clock getting five plus yards a pop sticking to the run. Patriots 37 Colts (+7.5) 23

Redskins 14 Jets (-5.5) 23

Cardinals 27 Steelers (-3.5) 20

Chiefs 16 Vikings (-3.5) 21

Bengals 23 Bills (+2.5) 17

Bears 24 Lions (-3.5) 20

Broncos 20 Browns (+4.5) 13

Texans 20 Jaguars (+1.5) 21

Panthers 17 Seahawks (-6.5) 23

Chargers 20 Packers (-10.5) 33

Ravens 23 49ers (+2.5) 21

Giants 24 Eagles (-3.5) 28


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