Week Two Predictions

aaron-rodgers-seahawksWith all the uncertainty in week one considered, it was a pretty solid one for my predictions. I was right on in terms of the Packers/Bears, Chiefs/Texans and some others, but I was pretty far off in regards to the Colts/Bills, Titans/Buccaneers and Seahawks/Rams. But like the teams around the league, the week one performance should give me something to build on and set a foundation for the rest of the season.

Last week: 11-5

Last week against the spread: 9-7  

Game of the weak: Titans vs Browns: All the games this weekend have some element of intrigue, so it was tough picking one here. In this case the intrigue would be how Marcus Mariota follows up his fantastic NFL debut. But so early in the year with me having picked both of these teams to be among the six or seven worst record wise, this game gets the billing. Chances are the Browns will find themselves in this space quite often in 2015. Titans 24 Browns (-1.5) 17

Game of the week: Seahawks vs Packers: A conference championship rematch in week two is always compelling, but even more so when the winner of that game is facing a possible 0-2 start in the next year. With the Kam Chancellor holdout obviously looming, the Seahawks secondary had their share of struggles in week one. Now they get to hit the road again to face Aaron Rodgers and his arsenal of weapons. Games like these are the ones in which Russell Wilson will be able to prove his doubters who feel he is more of a “game manager” wrong. Seahawks 23 Packers (-3.5) 28

Texans 16 Panthers (-2.5) 20

49ers 20 Steelers (-6.5) 30

Buccaneers 21 Saints (-10.5) 33

Lions 23 Vikings (-2.5) 20

Cardinals 24 Bears (+2.5) 17

Patriots 26 Bills (+1.5) 21

Chargers 21 Bengals (-3.5) 24

Falcons 27 Giants (-2.5) 23

Rams 20 Redskins (+3.5) 13

Dolphins 26 Jaguars (+6.5) 16

Ravens 24 Raiders (+6.5) 14

Cowboys 23 Eagles (-2.5) 28

Jets 17 Colts (-7.5) 26

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