Week One Predictions

Sam-Bradford-Eagles-PackersThe first full weekend of regular season action is upon us and with that comes the hardest time to make predictions. While we’ve seen starters get some work in preseason, it’s not like teams are bringing out their full arsenal scheme wise in those contests. Week one can be a very important factor not only by starting the year off right, but also setting the tone of what to expect in the coming season.

Last season: 169-87

Last season against the spread: 127-129

Game of the weak: Browns vs Jets: If you’re into defensive struggles and grind it out type games, this one could be in your wheelhouse. Even while both defenses are above average, saying this one is a defensive struggle is also a nice way of saying it’s a Josh McCown/Ryan Fitzpatrick showdown. Fitzpatrick will have his moments this year, but against an underrated Browns secondary this probably isn’t his week. Look for Chris Ivory to have a huge role in this one. Browns 13 Jets (-3.5) 20

Game of the week: Eagles vs Falcons: A projected shootout between two teams receiving some playoff buzz? Sign me up. If it hasn’t been the Patriots, chances are your pundit of choice this offseason was discussing Chip Kelly and his personnel moves with the Eagles. How will Sam Bradford look after an impressive preseason? What does DeMarco Murray have for a possible encore of his fantastic 2014? These are just some of the questions that have been brought up about the Eagles. With new head coach Dan Quinn at the helm, we will also get some early answers to our offseason questions about the Falcons. Quinn will look to revamp the defense, but it isn’t something that will be done overnight. And in terms of a game being watchable, a whole lot of the Matt Ryan to Julio Jones connection couldn’t hurt. Eagles 30 Falcons (+3.5) 26

Packers 31 Bears (+6.5) 20

Chiefs 21 Texans (-1.5) 16

Colts 24 Bills (+2.5) 21

Dolphins 26 Redskins (+3.5) 17

Panthers 17 Jaguars (+3.5) 14

Seahawks 26 Rams (+3.5) 21

Saints 23 Cardinals (-2.5) 27

Lions 20 Chargers (-2.5) 24

Titans 20 Buccaneers (-3.5) 23

Bengals 23 Raiders (+3.5) 16

Ravens 23 Broncos (-4.5) 27

Giants 23 Cowboys (-5.5) 31

Vikings 20 49ers (+2.5) 16



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