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Super Bowl XLIX Predictions

After a week that has seemed endless, one of the more exciting Super Bowl matchups in recent memory is finally here. Between the Patriots with “Deflategate” and Marshawn Lynch being himself, there were hundreds of takes so hot they practically melted my … Continue reading

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Championship Sunday Predictions

You could make the argument that the best day of NFL football each year is upon us. Sure, the Super Bowl is more of a social event, but that doesn’t feature the four best teams in the league playing in … Continue reading

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Divisional Round Predictions

In terms of my predictions, wild card weekend was a very good one. However, in terms of the games they could have been much better. Three of the four games ended up being extremely one sided while the other is … Continue reading

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Detroit vs. The Rules: The Lions and the Various Rules They’ve Influenced or Been Impacted by in Recent Memory

By now, everything possible has been said about the controversial picked up flag (and now botched holding call) in the Lions/Cowboys game. While there is nothing that can be done about it now, the call will certainly be brought up … Continue reading

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Wildcard Weekend Predictions

Week 17 was a solid one for my predictions and it also solidified a great improvement over my 2013 efforts. In straight up picks, I had a ten win leap from 2013 to 2014 and an eight win jump against … Continue reading

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