Week Eight Predictions

tyrann-mathieu-wallpaper-2013-pi-nfl-cardinals-defenseLast week was a solid one for my predictions as I fared well straight up, and hovered around .500 against the spread. This should be yet another interesting week as it is not only filled with intriguing games, but also a 9:30 AM start on the east coast. Living in the Eastern Time zone, I have never watched NFL football with bacon and eggs before. However, that also leads to games being on at all hours which means an action packed day of games for viewers.

Last week: 11-4, Season: 68-38

Last week against the spread: 7-8, Season: 53-53

Game of the weak: Texans vs Titans: Is Blake Bortles already the second best starting quarterback in the AFC South? Looking at this matchup, I’m starting to think so. We have Ryan Fitzpatrick going up against Zach Mettenberger, a 6th rounder out of LSU making his first career start. Mettenberger has great size and a huge arm, but other than late preseason action we haven’t seen him play at the top level. While Mettenberger did fall in the draft, it was due to injury and off field concerns. Ken Whisenhunt better hope that this late round pick fairs better than the last two big armed projects he drafted and later started. Those would be John Skelton and the immortal Ryan Lindley. Texans 24 Titans (+2.5) 20

Game of the week: Eagles vs Cardinals:  Yes, people had high hopes for the Cardinals but did anyone think they would be this good? The Cardinals are winning with considering the injuries, a very stout defense especially against the run. Teams are only rushing for 73 yards per game against the Cardinals on the year. This is where the game will be decided. The run is a huge part of what makes the Eagles offense click. If the Cardinals stop them, will they stick with it or become one dimensional? Regardless, I have a feeling this game won’t be decided until the very end. Eagles 23 Cardinals (-2.5) 27

Lions 24 Falcons (+3.5) 20

Dolphins 26 Jaguars (+6.5) 17

Rams 16 Chiefs (-7.5) 24

Vikings 20 Buccaneers (-3.5) 23

Seahawks 26 Panthers (+5.5) 20

Ravens 24 Bengals (-0.5) 20

Bears 23 Patriots (-6.5) 31

Bills 20 Jets (-3.5) 17

Raiders 20 Browns (-7.5) 26

Colts 26 Steelers (+3.5) 24

Packers 31 Saints (-1.5) 26

Redskins 14 Cowboys (-9.5) 27



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