Week Four Predictions

278DOLPHINS0922%20SACK%20CTJLast week was a solid one in terms of my picks. I managed to go above .500 both straight up and against the spread while also predicting the exact score in the Broncos/Seahawks game. This weeks games for most teams will end the “first quarter” of the 2014 season. Though it is a small sample size, a poor record at this point could start ruling out teams to make playoff runs. For instance, if you start 0-4 or 1-3, you would have to finish off the year on a 11-1, 10-2 or a more doable in comparison 9-3 to even be in the playoff conversation. Unfortunately, bye weeks have kicked in and with six teams sitting out, that leaves 12 games (excluding Thursday’s) for the rest of the weekend.

Last week: 11-5, Season: 30-18

Last week against the spread: 10-6, Season: 20-28

Game of the weak: Dolphins vs Raiders: You’re not going to believe this, but the Dolphins once again appear to be a mess internally. The bullying scandal is obviously a tough one to top, but Joe Philbin seems like he’s going to give it a go. This past week, Philbin would not commit to Ryan Tannehill publically, but apparently told him otherwise behind closed doors. Regardless, it has gotten to the point where some Dolphins fans are clamoring for Matt Moore. Sure Tannehill has struggled, but this isn’t all solely on him part of this could be on the play calling. Against the Chiefs, Lamar Miller was averaging 7.2 yards carry and had over 100 yards on 15 touches. When you can air it out inefficiently 40 plus times instead of feeding the hot hand, you have to do it.

On the other side of things, the Raiders may not have a win but have been more competitive than expected at this point. The real losers of this one are the fans of “American football” in London. I would feel worse if it wasn’t for the last decade or so of David Beckham coverage that’s been shoved down the collective throats of our country. But look on the bright side London NFL fans: you once again get to see the most desirable “home game” the Jaguars have to offer!

If you lived in Jacksonville and saw the last two years of Jaguars schedules, chances are the two teams you would want to see are the 49ers (in 2013) and the Cowboys (this season) respectively. They only come in once every eight years so you only really have one chance to see an elite talent in the NFC. So what do the Jaguars/league do? They have these games played overseas. On top of that, season ticket prices increased despite the team having won only six games the past two years. Fans are now getting seven games (two of which are preseason) and lose a game where they could actually sell and make profit. If you haven’t noticed by now, this one hits on more of a personal note. I’ll move on before I pop a blood vessel. Dolphins 24 Raiders (+3.5) 17

Game of the week: Eagles vs 49ers: It was between either this game or Packers/Bears, but there was one deciding factor. Much has been made about how the Eagles have been fantastic in the second half of games this year. On the flip side with less media attention, the 49ers have been horrendous coming out of the half. Both these teams certainly have talent, but something will have to give in the third and fourth quarters Sunday. Eagles 27 49ers (-5.5) 24

Packers 23 Bears (+1.5) 26

Bills 23 Texans (-3.5) 16

Titans 17 Colts (-7.5) 26

Panthers 20 Ravens (-3.5) 24

Lions 23 Jets (+1.5) 21

Buccaneers 20 Steelers (-7.5) 33

Jaguars 16 Chargers (-13.5) 30

Falcons 23 Vikings (+3.5) 17

Saints 31 Cowboys (+3.5) 26

Patriots 24 Chiefs (+3.5) 20


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