Week Three Predictions

1390324463000-AP-Broncos-Seahawks-FootballTo put it lightly, last week was a very rough one for my predictions. Not only did I have one of my worst weeks against the spread in recent memory, but I also struggled with picking the games straight up. Fortunately, there is a lot of season left for both me and teams that have struggled out of the gate to bounce back. This early in the year, we’re still figuring out what teams are fully capable of and a full slate of games this week makes it even more interesting.

Last week: 8-8, Season: 19-13

Last week against the spread: 3-13, Season: 10-22

Game of the weak: Texans vs Giants: Sure the Texans are 2-0, but do we actually know if they’re any good? So far they’ve played the Redskins in Robert Griffin III’s first regular season game with Jay Gruden’s offense, and the Raiders starting a rookie in Derek Carr. Granted, going on the other side of the country to win on the road could be considered impressive regardless of the opponent. Unfortunately, we won’t reach a verdict on the Texans this week as they play a Giants team whose offense has been a mess. Could the Texans be this years Chiefs who just beat up on bad teams and lose to the good ones? Who knows, but even on the road it looks like the odds are in the Texans favor this week. Texans 23 Giants (+2.5) 17

Game of the week: Broncos vs Seahawks: It seems early to get a Super Bowl rematch in week three, but here we are. While the Super Bowl between these two teams in February was hyped up to be a classic, it was one of the least compelling in recent memory. This one should be much closer however as the Broncos defense is much improved from last season. Peyton Manning and the Broncos offense actually had a good game plan going in against the Seahawks defense. The only problem was things got out of hand so quickly, they were unable to mix in the run effectively. Look for the Broncos to go in with a game plan similar to what the Chargers showed this past week. Also, be prepared for at least a half dozen references to Peyton Manning and making his audibles at the line with the “12th man” in full force. Broncos 20 Seahawks(-5.5) 26

Chargers 20 Bills (-2.5) 23

Titans 16 Bengals (-7.5) 24

Ravens 20 Browns (+1.5) 17

Packers 31 Lions (-2.5) 27

Colts 26 Jaguars (+7.5) 13

Raiders 13 Patriots (-14.5) 31

Vikings 20 Saints (-10.5) 34

Redskins 23 Eagles (-6.5) 28

Cowboys 24 Rams (-0.5) 17

49ers 26 Cardinals (+3.5) 21

Chiefs 24 Dolphins (-4.5) 21

Steelers 17 Panthers (-3.5) 26

Bears 27 Jets (-2.5) 23


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