Week 17 Predictions

Green Bay Packers v Minnesota VikingsThis past week wasn’t a great one for my picks as I did well straight up, but struggled against the spread. Week 17 has all the makings of an excellent Sunday of football. With five playoff berths still up for grabs, many of the games still have postseason implications whether it is win to get in or to better a team’s seeding.

Last week: 11-5, Season: 145-95

Last week against the spread: 7-9, Season: 109-131

Game of the weak: Texans vs Titans: Just how bad was the AFC South this year? After winning last week, the Titans locked up second place in the division with six wins. That doesn’t sound like a team who should be playing a second place schedule but those are the hands they were dealt. The Texans have the rare chance to start off 2-0 and then run the table the wrong way by going 2-14. If that happens, they will land the first pick in the 2014.

Will they pick a possible franchise quarterback in Teddy Bridgewater? Could it be Jadaveon Clowney a physical specimen with loads of talent who has as many speeding tickets in the past month as he does sacks in 2013? Regardless, it’s all about the future in Houston in what should be a very interesting offseason.  Texans 17 Titans (-7.5) 26

Game of the week: Packers vs Bears: Both of these teams were without their quarterbacks for extended periods of time this season yet the winner of this one takes the NFC North. This is mainly due to a Lions collapse that even by their standards was pathetic.  Seriously, the winner of this game should send their front office an edible arrangement or something for gifting them a playoff spot. It’s the least they could do.

The Packers who were playing a “will he or won’t he play” move with Aaron Rodgers that even Derrick Rose would find excessive finally comes to an end. Rodgers returns from a seven week absence but while he may be rusty, he is still an elite quarterback going against a reeling defense. Jay Cutler and the Bears offense surprisingly had a tough time moving the ball last week but at home have the ability to come up big in the definition of a “must win game”.  Packers 24 Bears (-3.5) 26

Lions 23 Vikings (-3.5) 28

Jaguars 17 Colts (-11.5) 28

Panthers 27 Falcons (+6.5) 21

Ravens 20 Bengals (-6.5) 28

Jets 16 Dolphins (-6.5) 21

Redskins 17 Giants (-3.5) 24

Browns 16 Steelers (-7.5) 26

Broncos 34 Raiders (+12.5) 20

Bills 20 Patriots (-9.5) 31

Buccaneers 21 Saints (-12.5) 31

49ers 24 Cardinals (+1.5) 20

Chiefs 14 Chargers (-9.5) 26

Rams 20 Seahawks (-10.5) 27

Eagles 26 Cowboys (+6.5) 21

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