Week 16 Predictions

Matt ForteWeek 15 for my predictions was the definition of average as I went .500 straight up and against the spread. With only four of the 12 playoff spots clinched, this should be a great weekend for football as the majority of the games taking place have huge playoff implications.

Last week: 8-8, Season: 134-90

Last week against the spread: 8-8, Season: 102-122

Game of the weak: Browns vs Jets: This is one of the few games taking place this weekend in which both teams have already been eliminated from playoff contention. Both teams do have a lot to gain from these last two games however. They both have defenses that have gone under the radar nationally and can start giving in game reps to some players who haven’t really received an opportunity. Browns 20 Jets (-2.5)21.

Game of the week: Bears vs Eagles: A game with the potential for 1,000 yards of total offense with playoff implications? Sign me up. The Bears due to the Lions doing Lions things now control their own destiny in the NFC North. However, they have had historically bad stretches defending the run and now face an attack led by LeSean McCoy that averages around 150 yards per game on the ground.

The other side of the coin is that the Eagles have trouble defending the pass with 292 yards allowed per game. Jay Cutler has never been shy to sling it, so with two great receivers in Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery he’s going to be throwing early and often. That isn’t even considering what Matt Forte can do and at this point he might as well play the Rodney Dangerfield “no respect” card. The guy has over 1,200 yards rushing and over 500 receiving yet he’s rarely mentioned in top running back discussions. Regardless, this game may be the case of first team to punt loses. Bears 35 Eagles(-3.5) 38.

Dolphins 26 Bills(+3.5) 20

Titans 24 Jaguars (+5.5) 17

Vikings 20 Bengals (-7.5) 26

Giants 23 Lions(-9.5) 28

Colts 20 Chiefs(-7.5) 28

Buccaneers 17 Rams(-5.5) 21

Cowboys 31 Redskins(+3.5) 26

Saints 20 Panthers(-3.5) 24

Broncos 37 Texans(+10.5) 24

Cardinals 17 Seahawks(-10.5) 30

Steelers 20 Packers(+1.5) 23

Raiders 23 Chargers (-10.5) 34

Patriots 27 Ravens(-2.5) 23

Falcons 17 49ers(-12.5) 30

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