Week 15 Predictions

LionsLast week was my best of the season in terms of predictions as I had yet another week going above .500 picking straight up and against the spread. With the regular season nearing an end the playoff scenarios are still trying to play themselves out.  Last week was arguably one of the most memorable for football in recent memory so while there will be some intriguing games, it is a tough act to follow.

Last week: 11-5, Season: 126-82

Last week against the spread: 12-4, Season: 94-114

Game of the weak: Redskins vs Falcons:  Both teams won their division last season and each sit at 3-10  on the year. In short, 2013 can’t end soon enough for either of these franchises. The Redskins have been a hot topic this week as Kirk Cousins takes over at quarterback for Robert Griffin III. There have been people wanting Cousins to get a chance for a while now as Griffin III has had a rough time coming back from his ACL surgery. The Falcons defense is in shambles so this would be a great chance for Cousins to show the Redskins and the rest of the quarterback needy teams what he is capable of. Redskins 23 Falcons(-7.5) 27

Game of the week: Ravens vs Lions: Scheduling Monday night football games is tough as you try and predict what teams will be good in the preseason. In this case, they nailed it as both the Ravens and Lions will be fighting for their playoff lives. The Ravens currently hold a head to head tiebreaker over the Dolphins for the last wildcard spot in the AFC, but a win here would really help their chances as they have a tough remaining schedule. The Lions are currently leading an NFC North that apparently nobody wants to win. They hold a tiebreaker over the Bears having beaten them both times they played but the Bears have been playing well of late. With two winnable games (at least on paper as the Lions always find ways to lose), a win would be huge for the Lions as they currently control their own destiny.  Ravens 23 Lions (-6.5) 28

Bills 20 Jaguars(+2.5) 26

Bears 27 Browns(-0.5) 20

Texans 20 Colts(-5.5) 26

Patriots 23 Dolphins(+2.5) 21

Eagles 27 Vikings (+4.5) 21

Seahawks 26 Giants(+7.5) 20

49ers 24 Buccaneers (+5.5) 20

Chiefs 27 Raiders (+4.5) 16

Jets 13 Panthers(-11.5) 27

Packers 24 Cowboys (-7.5) 28

Cardinals 26 Titans(+3.5) 17

Saints 27 Rams (+5.5) 20

Bengals 26 Steelers(+3.5) 24

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