Week 13 Predictions

Josh GordonLast week was another average week for picks, but was a very exciting weekend of football. With the thanksgiving games in the books, this weekend won’t have as many games as usual but a few have the makings of very compelling matchups.

Last week: 7-7, Season: 104-72

Last week against the spread: 6-8, Season: 73-103

Game of the weak: Jaguars vs Browns: So who is excited for the Chad Henne/Brandon Weeden Showdown!? If you do have no choice but to watch this game, first I would like to say I am sorry but second, when the Browns are on offense focus on Josh Gordon. Gordon was suspended the first two games of the year but is still top five in the league with 988 receiving yards. To top this all off, he has done it with the three headed monster of Brian Hoyer, Weeden and Jason Campbell throwing him the ball. As a whole though, this one won’t be too easy on the eyes. Jaguars 13 Browns(-7.5) 20

Game of the week: Saints vs Seahawks: You can’t ask for much more in a Monday Night Football game as this should probably decide home field advantage in the NFC. Can the Saints keep their potent offense going in arguably the toughest place to play in the league against a strong secondary? Will the Seahawks someday find defensive backs with an Adderall prescription? Is it possible for Jon Gruden to mention that both Drew Brees and Russell Wilson are 6’0 or shorter less than 10 times in the first half? I’m ready for anything in this game in terms of scenarios and this has the makings of a classic.   Saints 24 Seahawks (-5.5) 27

Titans 23 Colts(-4.5) 26

Bears 24 Vikings(-1.5) 20

Dolphins 23 Jets(-2.5) 17

Cardinals 26 Eagles(-3.5) 23

Buccaneers 16 Panthers (-7.5) 24

Patriots 26 Texans(+7.5) 16

Falcons 17 Bills(-3.5) 23

Rams 14 49ers(-8.5) 26

Broncos 27 Chiefs (+5.5) 21

Bengals 24 Chargers(-1.5) 26

Giants 23 Redskins (+1.5) 17

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