Week Four Predictions

Dolphins celebrating 2013Week three was my best to date against the spread and hopefully that positive trend continues this Sunday. As the year goes on, it usually gets a little easier to predict trends as with more games to go off of, you know what to expect. There are lot of very interesting matchups this weekend so it should be another fantastic week of NFL action.

Last week: 9-7, Season: 30-18
Last week against the spread: 8-8, Season: 17-31

Game of the weak: Redskins vs Raiders: Surprisingly, the Raiders are the team with the better record in this one. This game could actually be fairly entertaining if Terrelle Pryor passes his concussion tests. If he doesn’t, Matt Flynn will get his first chance to start since his fantastic game for the Packers in the 2011 season finale. Flynn has what would be a favorable matchup in the Redskins secondary, but Pryor’s running ability makes the Raiders offense a much more explosive unit. Redskins 26 Raiders (+3.5) 17

Game of the week: Dolphins vs Saints: Three weeks in the Dolphins are undefeated and have two wins against playoff teams from last year (the Colts in week two and the Falcons this past Sunday). Going to school in South Florida being surrounded by Dolphins fans, you would think this team already made the Super Bowl. While Ryan Tannehill is making the growth in his second year so many thought he would, now is the time to show it. Tannehill and the Dolphins offense are going to match Drew Brees and crew score for score to win this week. Dolphins 20 Saints(-6.5) 28

Ravens 23 Bills(+3.5) 16
Bengals 24 Browns(+4.5) 20
Bears 26 Lions(-3.5) 30
Giants 17 Chiefs(-4.5) 24
Steelers 26 Vikings(+3.5) 17
Cardinals 21 Buccaneers(-2.5) 14
Colts 26 Jaguars(+8.5) 13
Seahawks 23 Texans(+2.5) 20
Jets 14 Titans(-3.5) 20
Eagles 23 Broncos (-11.5) 37
Cowboys 27 Chargers(+2.5) 24
Patriots 20 Falcons (-2.5) 26

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3 Responses to Week Four Predictions

  1. Nice post. If Pryor plays, does that change the outcome of Raiders/Redskins?

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