Week Three Predictions

Andy DaltonWeek two was an easier one to predict, but it was still one where I struggled against the spread. This could be a common occurrence the next few weeks as we as NFL fans are still trying to find out what teams are legitimate playoff contenders. While this week of games doesn’t have the caliber of matchups on paper week two had, it should still be a very good weekend of football.

Last week: 12-4, Season: 21-11
Last week against the spread: 6-10, Season: 9-23

Game of the weak: Bills vs Jets: It’s time for our first EJ Manuel/Geno Smith matchup. Manuel has actually played very well through his first two games. If he can continue to keep it up after defenses make adjustments, there’s a chance the Bills could make a wild card push. Smith has had more of your typical rookie ups and downs. He’s made some nice throws but then he has times where he throws three interceptions in a quarter like last Thursday night. Considering the Jets have mainly been in games due to teams playing down to the competition, this one could be decided quickly. Bills 26 Jets (-2.5) 17

Game of the week: Packers vs Bengals: Both of these teams have been talked about in the discussion of those that could make deep playoff runs. It is going to be interesting to see how the Packers offensive line fairs against a Bengals front seven that has the ability to constantly put pressure on Aaron Rodgers. Packers 27 Bengals(+2.5) 23

Rams 23 Cowboys(-4.5) 27
Lions 31 Redskins(-2.5) 28
Chargers 23 Titans(-3.5) 20
Browns 16 Vikings(-6.5) 26
Buccaneers 17 Patriots(-7.5) 23
Cardinals 24 Saints(-7.5) 34
Giants 23 Panthers(-1.5) 20
Texans 20 Ravens(+2.5) 16
Falcons 24 Dolphins(-2.5) 27
Jaguars 13 Seahawks(-19.5) 34
Colts 17 49ers (-10.5) 30
Bears 24 Steelers(+2.5) 20
Raiders 16 Broncos (-15.5) 38

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