Week One Predictions

kaepernick packersThe first full weekend of football is finally upon us. While there is plenty of excitement to go around, this is also the toughest week to predict all year. Going off last year’s performance or preseason records could be very misleading elements that go into predicting a winner. It probably won’t be until the third or fourth week where things start to settle down and we see what teams are capable of that the predictions become more accurate.

Last season: 163-93
Last season against the spread: 113-143

Game of the weak: Chiefs vs Jaguars: This game has some interesting elements as it’s the first game of the Chiefs Andy Reid/Alex Smith era and also the first game for Maurice Jones-Drew after a foot surgery ended his 2012 campaign. While the Chiefs should be much improved, it’s tough not to pick a game for this spot in week one featuring the teams who selected in the top two of the draft. Chiefs 24 Jaguars (+3.5) 16

Game of the week: Packers vs 49ers: A rematch of last year’s playoff matchup, the Packers can’t say they weren’t prepared for the read-option this time around. The 49ers also went into Green Bay and beat the Packers in week one last season so at this point they may have the Packers number. Both teams look capable of a big playoff run so it will be interesting to watch them faceoff this early in the year. Packers 26 49ers(-4.5) 28

Patriots 34 Bills(+9.5) 20
Bengals 20 Bears(-3.5) 17
Dolphins 16 Browns(-1.5) 21
Vikings 23 Lions(-5.5) 27
Raiders 14 Colts(-9.5) 27
Falcons 33 Saints(-3.5) 30
Buccaneers 23 Jets(+3.5) 13
Titans 17 Steelers(-7.5) 26
Seahawks 24 Panthers(+3.5) 20
Cardinals 17 Rams(-4.5) 23
Giants 30 Cowboys (-3.5) 27
Eagles 20 Redskins(-3.5) 24
Texans 31 Chargers (+4.5) 20

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