Week Five Predictions

Last week was a very good one for my predictions straight up and better than average against the spread. I hit the Patriots/Raiders game but missed on the Jets/Ravens matchup. This is the first week of byes so there isn’t a full slate of games but the ones that are scheduled should be very entertaining.

Week four results:

Straight up: Last week: 12-4, Season: 43-21

Against the spread:  9-7, Season: 36-28

Game of the weak: Chiefs vs Colts:  

“Suck for Luck” sounds like a saying that would be on a t-shirt for sale at Spencer’s Gifts, but it is also the strategy many teams will be trying to apply the rest of the season. Stanford’s Andrew Luck is the most highly touted quarterback prospect in recent memory and both of these teams will be trying to win or in this case lose for his services. This game should be ugly. Chiefs 17 Colts (-2.5) 21

Game of the week: Bears vs Lions:

There are multiple games that could go here this week but if I could only watch one, this is it. Ford Field will be going crazy with the Lions being undefeated and this being first home night game in years. The game might not end up being close, but a great showing by the Lions would make for excellent television. Bears 16 Lions (-6.5) 37

Eagles 26 Bills (+3.5) 23

Saints 31 Panthers (+6.5) 27

Raiders 20 Texans (-6.5) 26

Bengals 23 Jaguars (-2.5) 16

Cardinals 17 Vikings (-3.5) 23

Seahawks 14 Giants (-9.5) 27

Titans 17 Steelers (-8.5) 23

Buccaneers 20 49ers (-2.5) 17

Chargers 31 Broncos (+4.5) 21

Jets 20 Patriots (-9.5) 28

Packers 34 Falcons (+6.5) 27

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