Week Four Predictions

Last week was only ok for my predictions as I was right on for the Packers/Bears game but was way off on the Cardinals/Seahawks. However, it was a very good week going against the spread going 10-6. Looking at the schedule, there are lots of excellent matchups this week so it should be another great weekend of football.

Week three results:

Straight up: Last week: 8-8, Season: 31-17

Against the spread:  10-6, Season: 27-21

Game of the weak: Vikings vs Chiefs:

If games were over after the first half, the Vikings would be the team to beat right now. Instead they have collapsed in all three games so far and are 0-3. Everybody knew the Chiefs would regress this season but nobody thought it would be to this extent. Chances are the only people watching this one will have Adrian Peterson on their fantasy team and they should be very happy with the results.  Vikings 21 Chiefs (+2.5) 16

Game of the week: Patriots vs Raiders:

There are lots of games that could go here this week but this one is very intriguing. The Patriots are coming off a stunning loss on the road to the Bills while the Raiders just beat the Jets at home. In the mean time, Darren McFadden has entered the conversation of the league’s elite running backs and isn’t getting the hype he deserves. Patriots 31 Raiders (+5.5) 24

Panthers 17 Bears (-7.5) 24

Bills 26 Bengals (+3.5) 20

Titans 21 Browns (-1.5) 14

Lions 30 Cowboys (-1.5) 24

Steelers 20 Texans (-4.5) 26

Saints 31 Jaguars (+7.5) 16

49ers 17 Eagles (-7.5) 26

Redskins 24 Rams (+1.5) 17

Giants 28 Cardinals (+1.5) 20

Falcons 24 Seahawks (+5.5) 16

Broncos 20 Packers (-13.5) 34

Dolphins 17 Chargers (-9.5) 26

Jets 20 Ravens (-4.5) 16

Colts 13 Buccaneers (-9.5) 23

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