Colts vs Titans Prediction

When the Colts and Titans were scheduled as a Thursday night game at the beginning of the year, it was viewed as a chance to showcase two of the best offensive players in the league in Peyton Manning and Chris Johnson. Lately neither has played well enough to build up the hype.  Manning’s struggles over the last three games have been well documented and rightfully so after throwing 11 interceptions in that span. Johnson hasn’t been able to get much going either the past two weeks as he has only had 20 carries for 58 yards.

Both are still very talented players but this rough patch is happening for a reason. Manning is getting older but the Colts are very banged up this year. Manning has had to deal with inexperience on the offensive line and at both the running back and receiver positions.. The Titans have trailed early the last two games which is why even with backup quarterbacks Johnson is being taken out of the game.

The past few weeks the Colts have lost due to the fact teams are getting pressure on Manning and the Titans have the ability to do that. This factor combined with a short week could help lead them to victory. My prediction is Colts 21 Titans (+3.5) 24.

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