Thanksgiving Game Predictions

Thanksgiving football in many forms is a tradition among families everywhere. Whether it is playing a game or watching on TV it is usually fun for everybody involved. A few years ago a third thanksgiving game at night was added so now you can watch even more football while digesting your food.

Patriots vs Lions

Many feel that the Lions shouldn’t play on Thanksgiving but in reality they were the team who started the whole tradition in the first place. For a team that has had so many struggles it is nice for their fans to have the chance to watch the team on a national stage aside from the draft in April. Throw in the fact that Matt Millen who helped construct the 0-16 team in 2008 is in the booth for Thursday night football and frequently broadcasts Michigan and Michigan State games it is the least the league could do.

The Lions face a tough task against one of the league’s most complete teams in the Patriots. One thing going against the Patriots is that they are only a few days off of a physical win against the Colts and could be looking ahead to the Jets next week. If you are watching the game and have no rooting interest, focus on Ndamukong Suh for a series. It will be well worth your time. Prediction: Patriots 31 Lions (+7.5) 23

Saints vs Cowboys

While this game doesn’t have the implications in the NFC many thought it would have, it should be exciting to watch. The Saints seem to be getting back into 2009 form on offense and the Cowboys have really played well under Jason Garrett the past two weeks. In a very competitive NFC South this game is a must win for the Saints. Prediction: Saints 28 Cowboys (+3.5) 21

Bengals vs Jets

The battle of the past two teams to appear on “Hard Knocks” could be ugly. After blowing a huge lead against the Bills this past Sunday, the Bengals are in a situation where they are desperate for a win as the players are playing for pride at this point. The Jets have had three dramatic victories in a row heading into the game but there is a good chance they won’t have to worry about a comeback this week. Prediction: Bengals 13 Jets (-9.5) 27

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