Week 11 Extra Points

Every year it seems that one receiver bursts on to the scene out of nowhere. This year’s winner is Steve Johnson of the Bills. For the year he has 728 yards and nine touchdowns which include his three touchdown performance this past Sunday against the Bengals. Whether it is with Ryan Fitzpatrick or a quarterback the Bills take in the upcoming draft, Johnson should be one of the team’s main offensive weapons for years to come.

While the drama surrounding the Vikings and Cowboys makes them easy choices for the year’s most disappointing team, there is a chance that the real answer could be the Cincinnati Bengals. The under the radar defending AFC North champions started off the year 2-1 and have lost seven in a row to make them 2-8. While the starting receivers/stars of the VH-1 Sunday Night reality show block Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco get most of the attention, they haven’t been the main issue. The Bengals have had trouble with the ground game on both sides of the ball and Carson Palmer isn’t the same player he once was. With some of the core players getting older and Marvin Lewis’ contract ending after this year, this offseason could be one of drastic change in Cincinnati.

There may not be a hotter team in the league right now than the Green Bay Packers. In their past three games, they have allowed only ten points and forced two of their opponents to fire their coach. Aaron Rodgers also has been playing well with seven touchdowns and zero interceptions in that span along with his go-to-guy Greg Jennings who just last Sunday had over 150 yards and three touchdowns. While the team has had some key injuries, this preseason favorite is starting to pick it up and if they get their running game going, look out.

Speaking of preseason favorites, the Houston Texans are in a very tough place right now. After starting off 4-2 the team has now fallen to 4-6 mainly due to a poor showing by the defense. The past two weeks the Texans inability to finish close games is what’s keeping them from sitting on top of the AFC South. With teams the Eagles and Ravens on the remaining schedule, it will be hard to get back in it. However, if the current standings hold up the rest of the way, the Texans would play a last place schedule which could means next year could be “their year” for the fourth time in a row.

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One Response to Week 11 Extra Points

  1. steve johnson has been fitzpatrick’s favorite target and with good reason. you have to give the bills credit for continuing to play hard this year. this should be marvin lewis’ last year in cinci. they have just not been able to put it all together

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