Week 10 Extra Points and Bears/Dolphins Prediction

After this past Sunday’s events, I think it is safe to say that the Giants season could be in jeopardy due to the Tiki Barber theory.  Barber played his last game four years ago and since constantly talks about the team that won a Super Bowl without him and has frequently called out a head coach that helped rejuvenate his career. Well, a little over a month ago Barber said that Tom Coughlin was losing control of the team. The Giants responded by winning five games in a row. This past week, Barber said that Coughlin would be his midseason coach of the year and the Giants went out and lost at home to the Cowboys fans. While it could have been an off game for a team that usually shows up, Giants fans can now consider themselves warned.

While it wasn’t until a remarkable game winning touchdown to beat the Texans put him on the map, Jaguar Mike Thomas has been putting together a very solid year. For the year he now has 41 catches and 536 yards along with two touchdowns. He has proven to be a reliable target for David Garrard in clutch situations and also makes an impact running reverses and returning punts.  Thomas appears to be another receiver to come from what is becoming a loaded 2009 draft class.

Even though the final score doesn’t do it justice, last Sunday night was a reminder of the Patriots during their historical stretch. Tom Brady was distributing the ball all over the place and a Patriots defense that is young and relatively unknown put lots of pressure on Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers offense. While the team that is considered the best seems to change every week, it won’t be a surprise if the Patriots are representing the AFC in the end.

After watching Michael Vick on Monday night putting on a performance worthy of the fantasy football hall of fame, one thought that comes to mind is what could have been. While Vick still has a long career ahead of him, Andy Reid has done wonders with him as a passer and we will never know what could have been if he was taught earlier on in his career. Are we looking at a player who would have multiple MVP awards and have been the first pick in every fantasy draft for almost the past decade? It is a shame that the possibilities are almost endless.

The Bears/Dolphins game tomorrow night is a big one for both teams. Both teams are coming off big wins as the Bears are looking to stay in first in the NFC North while the Dolphins are just hoping to stay alive in the AFC. While these games on a short week would usually favor the home team, the Dolphins have several key injuries in left tackle Jake Long and outside linebacker Cameron Wake who leads the team in sacks. That isn’t even considering the quarterback position where injuries to Chad Pennington and Chad Henne lead to Tyler Thigpen starting the game. Even though he was the third option, Thigpen has shown when given the opportunity that with his feet and his arm that he can make plays. However, the other key injuries could be too much to overcome. With the always present chance of Jay Cutler literally throwing the game away, this is a tough game to predict but I am going with Bears 23 Dolphins (-1.5) 20.

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