Fbkid’s Divisional Playoffs Predictions

Last week was another indication that anything can happen once the playoffs begin. In a season where parity seemed to disappear, every team that was considered an underdog going in and other then the Packers Cardinals game they weren’t even close. It was a rough week for me as well and hopefully the games and my predictions are better this week.

Last week: 1-3
Playoffs: 1-3

Last week with the spread: 1-3
Playoffs: 1-3

Cardinals vs Saints: The Cardinals offense had a performance for the ages last week and now go up a Saints defense that seems to be getting worse as the season goes along. With a rested Drew Brees going against the Jekyll and Hyde Cardinals defense, it may be that the first team to score 50 wins.

Prediction: Cardinals 28 Saints 34

Ravens vs Colts: The Ravens completely ran over the Patriots last week and with their ground attack and veteran defense they have a chance of knocking off the Colts as well. While the Ravens are gaining momentum the Colts haven’t played a meaningful game in a month and have a tough time stopping the run which would allow the Ravens to limit Peyton Manning’s opportunties which is crucial as it is highly unlikely Joe Flacco would match him score for score.

Prediction: Ravens 24 Colts 20

Cowboys vs Vikings: While the Vikings were considered by some the team to beat in the regular season, the Cowboys are getting hot at the right time and now being mentioned in that discussion. With a strong defense, lots of offensive weapons and a relieved Tony Romo it could definitely happen. If the Vikings offensive line can hold off the Cowboys front seven, we have the opportunity to see another memorable playoff game.

Prediction: Cowboys 24 Vikings 28

Jets vs Chargers: The Jets had to have been relieved when the Ravens won as this gave them a much more favorable matchup against a Chargers. The Chargers struggle against the run, primarily pass the ball and Mark Sanchez even though he played well last week won’t have to worry about the cold weather. The main difference between the Chargers and Bengals on offense is that the Chargers have more offensive weapons. While Darrelle Revis has had an outstanding year he only erases one third of the field and players such as Antonio Gates and Malcolm Floyd should recieve plenty of targets.

Prediction: Jets 17 Chargers 21

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