Fbkid’s Week 17 Predictions

The final week of the regular season is here which also means that it is the hardest time to predict games. With most of the playoff seeding already determined, it is hard to tell what teams will do with their players. Regardless this week should have lots of competitive football as the final playoff spots and jobs are on the line.

Game of the weak: Colts vs Bills: Assuming the Colts don’t play their starters for more then a quarter or two, this one could be painful to watch.

Game of the week: Eagles vs Cowboys: The NFC East title is on the line here in a game that is always entertaining. If the Eagles win, they also clinch the number two seed in the NFC.

Last week: 11-5
Overall: 163-77

Last week with the spread: 11-5
Season: 133-107

Colts 21 Bills 16
Saints 17 Panthers 26
Jaguars 14 Browns 17
Patriots 31 Texans 27
Giants 23 Vikings 30
49ers 28 Rams 13
Falcons 24 Bucs 20
Steelers 28 Dolphins 17
Bears 31 Lions 17
Eagles 26 Cowboys 21
Chiefs 17 Broncos 23
Ravens 23 Raiders 14
Titans 31 Seahawks 17
Redskins 20 Chargers 26
Packers 23 Cardinals 27
Bengals 24 Jets 14

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