Fbkid’s Week 16 Predictions

Last week was a very tough one to predict as the parity that had been completely missing this entire season made a cameo last week. The races for the final playoff spots look like they will come down to the very end. Going into this week eight teams were in the hunt for the two wild card positions. Even though the Titans loss to the Chargers lowers the number to seven, it should be a very exciting week of football.

Game of the weak: Raiders vs Browns: Last week I put the Browns against the Chiefs here which surprisingly turned into one of the better games of the week. However, it’s highly doubtful that Josh Cribbs runs two kickoffs for touchdowns again let alone Jerome Harrison running for over 275 yards. With Charlie Frye at quarterback for the Raiders, it is very possible that Cribbs who is the easy choice for team MVP doesn’t even get two return opportunities.

Game of the week: Texans vs Dolphins: The season is on the line for both teams as the loser will have eight loses and will be eliminated from playoff contention. This should be a very interesting matchup as the teams have very different styles offensively as the Texans thrive on passing the ball while the Dolphins prefer to grind games out running the ball. A key thing to watch in this game is how the Dolphins two impressive cornerbacks Sean Smith and Vontae Davis try and contain Andre Johnson.

Last week: 9-7
Overall: 152-72

Last week with the spread: 8-8
Overall: 122-02

Bills 14 Falcons 24
Chiefs 17 Bengals 26
Raiders 13 Browns 17
Seahawks 14 Packers 31
Texans 20 Dolphins 24
Ravens 16 Steelers 23
Panthers 21 Giants 34
Jaguars 20 Patriots 30
Bucs 16 Saints 27
Rams 14 Cardinals 34
Lions 10 49ers 35
Broncos 20 Eagles 27
Jets 14 Colts 20
Cowboys 31 Redskins 20
Vikings 27 Bears 14

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