Fbkid’s Week 15 Predictions

This past week was a very sad one for the NFL and its fans as Bengals receiver Chris Henry died at the age of 26. The saddest part of the story is how Henry was starting to turn his life around. During the first few years of his career, Henry along with his former college teammate Adam “Pacman” Jones frequently made the news for all the wrong reasons and eventually Roger Goodell had to step in and suspend the two of them.

This was expected to be a breakout year for Henry as he was getting rave reviews during training camp and appeared that he was fully committed to football. Before being placed on injured reserve, Henry played in eight games and averaged almost 20 yards a catch and also had two touchdowns.

This Sunday, he will be with the Bengals in spirit as they are wearing decals in his honor while Chad Ochocinco will wear his number 15 jersey. It is a shame that we will never have the opportunity to see Henry’s full comeback story as he had loads of potential. Unfortunately we can only think about what could have been.

Game of the weak: Browns vs Chiefs: At this time of year for both of these teams, roster spots are on the line. While this game should be played with high intensity, unless you are a fan of either of these teams or you have Jamaal Charles on your fantasy team it isn’t worth watching.

Game of the week: Bengals vs Chargers: The Bengals travel out west with heavy hearts in a huge game that determines who will have the second seed in the AFC. Right now the Chargers are playing as well as any team in the league but emotions can lead to strange things.

Last week: 13-3
Overall: 143-65

Last week with the spread: 11-5
Overall: 114-94

Cowboys 20 Saints 31
Patriots 26 Bills 21
Browns 14 Chiefs 20
Falcons 20 Jets 24
Texans 35 Rams 17
Dolphins 17 Titans 23
Cardinals 41 Lions 17
Raiders 13 Broncos 26
Bengals 23 Chargers 28
Bears 14 Ravens 26
Bucs 13 Seahawks 28
49ers 17 Eagles 26
Packers 28 Steelers 20
Vikings 31 Panthers 23
Giants 27 Redskins 21

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