Fbkid’s Week 12 Predictions

This past week was one of my better ones as my predictions were right on for the Jets Patriots and Eagles Bears games. There are lots of interesting games this week and hopefully I keep my positive momentum going as the playoff races heat up.

Game of the weak: Seahawks vs Rams: The Rams have shown some fight recently, but with an injury to Marc Bulger now turn to Kyle Boller. Both of these teams are looking once again at having a top ten pick in the upcoming draft.

Game of the week: Patriots vs Saints: What a game this will be. Two explosive offenses led by two of the league’s best quarterbacks in Tom Brady and Drew Brees. As good as the Patriots Colts game was a few weeks ago, this one could be even better.

Last week: 12-4
Overall: 106-54

Last week with the spread: 8-8
Overall: 86-74

Bucs 17 Falcons 27
Dolphins 26 Bills 14
Redskins 16 Eagles 28
Seahawks 21 Rams 17
Panthers 24 Jets 20
Browns 13 Bengals 28
Colts 31 Texans 26
Chiefs 20 Chargers 31
Jaguars 20 49ers 26
Bears 14 Vikings 35
Cardinals 20 Titans 23
Steelers 13 Ravens 17
Patriots 31 Saints 35

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