Fbkid’s 2009 NFL Predictions

It has been a seven month wait, but the NFL season is finally here. Every team now starts off with a clean slate and they all think this is the year they will finally make the Super Bowl. Here are my predictions for the 2009 NFL season.

AFC East:
Patriots 13-3
Jets 7-9
Bills 6-10
Dolphins 5-11

AFC North
Steelers 11-5
Ravens 10-6
Bengals 7-9
Browns 3-13

AFC South
Colts 11-5
Texans 10-6
Titans 8-8
Jaguars 6-10

AFC West
Chargers 12-4
Raiders 6-10
Chiefs 5-11
Broncos 4-12

NFC East
Giants 11-5
Eagles 10-6
Cowboys 8-8
Redskins 7-9

NFC North
Packers 12-4
Vikings 10-6
Bears 8-8
Lions 5-11

NFC South
Saints 11-5
Falcons 9-7
Panthers 7-9
Bucs 5-11

NFC West
Seahawks 10-6
Cardinals 8-8
49ers 7-9
Rams 4-12

Regular Season Awards:

MVP: Tom Brady QB Patriots
Offensive rookie of the year: Mark Sanchez QB Jets
Defensive rookie of the year: Aaron Curry LB Seahawks
Offensive player of the year: Drew Brees QB Saints
Defensive player of the year: DeMarcus Ware LB Cowboys
Comeback player of the year: Chris Henry WR Bengals


Wildcard weekend:
NFC: Vikings 17 Saints 27, Eagles 26 Seahawks 20
AFC: Texans 21 Colts 28, Steelers 23 Ravens 14

Divisonal Playoffs:
NFC: Saints 20 Giants 24, Eagles 14 Packers 27
AFC: Colts 31 Patriots 35, Steelers 21 Chargers 27

Conference Championship:
Giants 24 Packers 21
Chargers 26 Patriots 35

Super Bowl:
Giants 20 Patriots 28

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