Gerald Alexander Interview

Yesterday, I had the opportunity of a lifetime as I had a media pass for the morning Jaguars practice. This was made available to me through my participation with the Sportz Ventures program at my school. My thanks go out to Jennifer Corace, Development Director at Sportz Ventures and Jaguars’ Communications Manager Ryan Robinson who helped coordinate the program.
As part of my “all-access” pass I was able to interview Jaguar safety, Gerald Alexander. He discussed his recent trade to the Jaguars, his experience with the Lions, playing in one of the greatest college football games ever and the Boise State football program.

Fbkid: What is the biggest transition coming from the Lions to the Jaguars?

Gerald Alexander: The way things are done here as far as different plays and things on defense and getting used to the schedule and things like that. Football is football but generally speaking teams do things differently.

FB: What was it like being hurt last season and going through what the Lions did last year?

GA: It was painful both physically and emotionally as far as physically being hurt and then not being able to help my teammates and given what I saw my team go through last year, it was painful to watch and be a part of. It motivates me and I never want it to happen again.

FB:How did you feel about getting traded?

GA: I didn’t know how to feel at first rather if Detroit didn’t want me or that Jacksonville did. Eventually things worked out and I’m happy to be here now.

FB: How was it to be a part of one of the greatest games in college football history?

GA: It’s great now that I look back on it. When your in the emotion of the game you never really think about it but when you look back at it you can see it was one of the greatest games in the history in college football.
Did you ever talk to Adrian Peterson about the game when you played him?
No I never said anything since he’s making a name for himself in the NFL right now but if we ever got together and talk about college, I have one up on him.

FB: What does it feel like for you watching Boise State play now when they get so much national attention?

GA: It’s like being a proud father looking at a son as you were there to help bring the program to where it is now and they are continuing the success that you laid the foundation for and now they are ranked 16th in the country.

FB: What safeties do you watch and try and take things from their game?

GA: Guys that everybody knows about like Ed Reed, Troy Polamalu and Brian Dawkins those guys three of the best safeties playing in the NFL right now try to pick apart the good things they do and try to emulate them in your game.

FB: You’re a big shoe fan, what’s your favorite make of Jordan’s?

GA: I have to say the 11’s because of the patent leather.

FB: How many pairs of shoes do you have?

GA: I have probably over 100 pairs and I gave a lot away. If you look at my closet, it’s ridiculous. It’s like foot locker.

FB: What do you think of your Madden rating?

GA: I don’t even know my madden rating but I was hurt last year so it’s out of sight out of mind so I’m not going to be as good as I think I am but I’m a Madden player and it doesn’t matter. If you go up against me on the controller, you might run into a loss.

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