The Next Joe Flacco?

At this time a few years ago, Joe Flacco was an unknown name to the casual football fan. That is hardly the case now. Flacco came in as a rookie from Delaware which is hardly a football factory and led the Ravens to the AFC Championship game. Now there is another quarterback waiting in the wings at Delaware who is similar in many ways to Flacco. His name is Pat Devlin.

Even though he is now playing for Delaware, Devlin isn’t a completely unknown name. He was widely considered one of the best quarterbacks in the country coming out of high school and was the backup quarterback last year at Penn State. Devlin originally committed to Miami out of high school but had a change of heart.

Devlin did get some playing time at Penn State last year as he completed 25 of 47 passes for 459 yards four touchdowns and no interceptions. So one thing that may come to mind is why is he transferring? Penn State is looking to install a new spread offense and that doesn’t fit Devlin’s abilities as he has all the qualities of a drop back quarterback.

One thing that set Flacco apart from other quarterbacks was his size. At 6’6 230, Flacco is one of if not the tallest quarterback in the league. He also has a rocket arm that helps him complete throws most quarterbacks can only dream of making. Devlin has both of those qualities. He is 6’4 222 pounds and has a very strong arm even though it may be a notch lower then Flacco’s.

Even though Devlin hasn’t really played, the road has already been paved for him to get to the next level. Just like Flacco he has a very good chance of flying up draft boards due to impressive showings in workouts. It wouldn’t be surprising with his drop back tools if he works himself into the 1st or 2nd round whatever year he comes out.

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