How The Matt Cassel Trade Affects The Chiefs and Matt Stafford

Matt Cassel was an afterthought to most fans until week one of last season when Tom Brady tore his ACL against the Kansas City Chiefs. Cassel was then put into the starting role where he went on to throw for 21 touchdowns and 11 interceptions. Today, Cassel has been traded to the team that gave him the chance to shine. It was rumored that the Patriots would need at least a first rounder to trade Cassel, but they ended up trading him for the 35th pick in the draft. This trade doesn’t only affect the Chiefs though; it also affects Georgia quarterback Matt Stafford. Here is how the trade affects the Chiefs and one top quarterback prospects in this year’s draft.

Last season the Chiefs started three quarterbacks throughout the course of the season in Damon Huard, Brodie Croyle and Tyler Thigpen. While Huard and Croyle suffered season ending injuries, Thigpen had a solid year throwing for 18 touchdowns and led all quarterbacks in rushing. The Chiefs now have stability at the position and have some weapons to score. Dwayne Bowe is one of the best young receivers in the league and Tony Gonzalez is a future hall of famer at tight end. The running game should also be effective with Larry Johnson (if he isn’t traded) and young players such as Jamaal Charles and Kolby Smith. They still need to improve on the offensive line and the defensive side of the ball, but the Chiefs could be fun to watch.

This trade could also cost the top quarterbacks in this year’s draft lots of money. Right now Matt Stafford is the general consensus number one pick to the Detroit Lions. If the Lions decide to pass on him for a player like Aaron Curry or Jason Smith, Stafford could be in a free fall. Most of the teams in the top ten have either recently taken a quarterback in the 1st round or have big money tied up into a veteran. Even though they signed David Garrard to a big deal this past offseason, the Jaguars still aren’t set at the quarterback position and would need to give him a long look. If the Jaguars don’t take him, Stafford could possibly fall to 10 or 11 and be drafted by either the 49ers or Bills and a team like the Jets could trade up and take him.

When it’s all said and done, this is a huge steal for the Chiefs. They get a proven quarterback and don’t have to worry about paying huge money to a player who hasn’t taken a snap in the NFL. The way things look right now, Stafford will be drafted by the Lions but a lot can change between now and April 25th.

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