Fbkid’s Week 12 Predictions

Last week was a very good one on my predictions as I went 11-4-1 and picked the exact score of the Titans Jaguars game. The playoff picture is now starting to shape up as teams are showing what they are really made of. At the beginning of the year everyone(myself included) was praising the Bills fast start to the season. But now they are 5-5 and in the AFC East are starting to slip away from contention. Here are my week 12 predictions.

Game of the weak: Bears vs Rams: Both teams are really struggling right now and if the Rams play like they did last week, it could get ugly.

Game of the week: Jets vs Titans: After their win on the road against the Patriots , the Jets are now considered one of the favorites in the AFC. But if they beat an undefeated Titans team on the road, let the Brett Favre media frenzy begin!

Last Week: 11-4-1
Season: 93-67-1

Bengals 14 Steelers 20
Eagles 17 Ravens 21
Texans 20 Browns 26
Bucs 30 Lions 17
Bills 17 Chiefs 24
Bears 28 Rams 14
Jets 17 Titans 26
Patriots 28 Dolphins 20
Vikings 21 Jaguars 17
49ers 20 Cowboys 27
Raiders 10 Broncos 24
Panthers 23 Falcons 21
Giants 30 Cardinals 24
Redskins 21 Seahawks 13
Colts 27 Chargers 23
Packers 23 Saints 20

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