Has Chad Henne moved into the 1st round of the draft?

Going into the start of his senior season Chad Henne was said by many draft experts to be the 6th best quarterback in the draft behind the likes of Matt Ryan, Brian Brohm, Andre Woodson,Colt Brennan and John David Booty. Well after the last month Henne has had scouts aren’t saying that anymore.

Henne’s 2008 started off with a great performance against Florida in the Capital One Bowl. In that game Henne went 25 of 39 for 373 yards along with 3 touchdowns. Not to mention while Henne did that, Woodson didn’t look sharp against a short handed FSU defense and Colt Brennan did terrible in his game as well against Georgia as he took more hits than Bob Marley.

Now it’s a few weeks later at the Senior Bowl and Henne shines again. Henne went 5 of 9 for 64 yards and 2 touchdowns and was the North MVP. Woodson on the other hand took a safety and fumbled but he did throw a touchdown. Brennan’s bad luck continues though as he went 2 of 6 for 29 yards and a pick. He was also sick leading up to the game and only weighed in at 185.

So if you are stunned when Roger Goddell walks up to the podium on a Saturday in late April and announces Henne’s name, don’t be. Henne can make many NFL calibar throws and should be making an impact on Sundays for years to come.

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