Is Reggie Bush the second coming of Peter Warrick?

Coming into the NFL,Reggie Bush was one of the most hyped rookies in recent history. Bush came into the league from Southern California and a heisman trophy so he was a marketing dream for most companies. Most rookies coming in don’t have endorsements with Subway are challenge the diet pepsi machine at the combine. But looking at Bush’s career so far it is very similar to another player who had come out in the last decade. That player is Peter Warrick.

If you remember Peter Warrick was just like Reggie Bush coming out of Florida State. Warrick could line up any place on the field and was a threat to score every time he touched the ball. In 2000 Warrick was drafted by the Bengals with the 5th pick overall and was expected to change the franchise. Well lets just when your quarterback is Akili Smith not to many positive things will happen. When Smith left Warrick had a string of a few good seasons but with the development of Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmanzadeh, Warrick is now watching the playoffs at his house. For his career Warrick caught 275 passes for 2,991 yards along with 22 career touchdowns.

Bush coming into the league was also expected to change the franchise. Well that’s a little easier when the quarterback is Drew Brees. Through 2 seasons Bush has 15 career touchdowns along with 161 receptions while averaging 3.7 yards a carry. He along with Warrick is enjoying the playoffs from home. Here are some more things the players have in common.

Scandal: In the last few years it has come out that Bush’s family was getting housing from an agent hoping to land Bush as a client. That is against NCAA rules and could possibly cost Bush his heisman trophy.

Warrick in college got suspended for receiving gifts at a Dillard’s from someone he knew that worked there.

Playing in someones shadow: At USC, Bush was the one who got all of the highlights but he wasn’t even the best back on his team. LenDale White had more yards this season than Bush has for his career and his proven he can be a solid NFL back.

Warrick got all of the attention from defenses in college but his teammate Laveranues Coles has become the better pro player as has over 550 career catches for 7000 yards and almost 40 touchdowns.

So with everything that they have in common and the way there careers have been similar up to this point, don’t be surprised if 5 years from now,Bush is watching football in his house and not playing.

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