Fbkid’s divisional weekend predictions

It was a great wild card weekend as I went a perfect 4-0 on my picks last week.Lets hope the trend continues this week. Here are my divisional playoff predictions.

Jaguars vs Patriots: If the weather in Foxboro is 20 degrees and snowing the Jaguars have a great chance of winning this game. The problem is that it is expected to be in the low 40’s with light winds. That means Tom Brady will be in full force continuing his record breaking season with 50 touchdown passes. Jaguars defensive tackle John Henderson got hurt against the Steelers but will be coming back for the game and safety Reggie Nelson is also banged up. The Jags need to get the running game going from the start with Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew. But David Garrard does 9 of 21 again it could be a long night. My prediction putting all of this into play is the Jaguars 17 Patriots 31.

Seahawks vs Packers: Most people are talking about Brett Favre being in the playoffs again but in the process they are overlooking the Seahawks. The Seahawks showed great postseason composure when the Redskins took a lead in the 3rd quarter by not getting frustrated. The Seahawks ended up blowing them out. The key for the Seahawks is to get constant pressure on Favre with Julian Peterson and Patrick Kerney as they combine for almost 30 sacks. Favre has had a great season but without a stable running back in Ryan Grant, the Packers might not have gotten a first round bye. Grant had over 800 yards in the last half of the season and along with Greg Jennings and Donald Driver make great weapons for Favre. Plus the Packers have 2 all pro corners in Charles Woodson and Al Harris which will make it hard for Matt Hasselbeck and the Seahawks passing game. My prediction is the Seahawks 21 Packers 27.

Giants vs Cowboys: The Giants played very well last week against the Bucs and if Eli Manning plays like that, they can beat anyone on any given Sunday. The Cowboys have one of the most explosive offenses in the league being led by Tony Romo. Romo was 2nd in the league with 36. Terrell Owens says he is going to play with an ankle injury and that will hurt the Giants secondary even more. Sam Madison and Kevin Dockery will most likely both missing the game. The Giants need to get Brandon Jacobs running early as he has been playing very well lately. They also need to get the ball in the hands of Plaxico Burress and Ahmad Bradshaw more. Both are threats to score everytime they touch the ball. For the Cowboys Marion Barber should get the majority of carries this week as it could end up being a battle of defenses. This is no doubt going to be a great game. So in the words of Terrell Owens,”Get your popcorn ready” because it’s going to be a close game. My prediction is the Giants 20 Cowboys 24.

Chargers vs Colts: The Colts have been under the radar the whole season. But now they are starting to get healthy and people are taking notice. Marvin Harrison should be playing for the first time in a few months. That will take pressure away from Reggie Wayne and rookie Anthony Gonzalez. Peyton Manning had another solid season with over 30 touchdown passes. Joseph Addai also proved he could carry the load of a feature back. On defense it is all about safety Bob Sanders as he won defensive player of the year. If Sanders isn’t on the field the Colts are a total different team. Philip Rivers did a good job of spreading the ball around last week. But to beat the Colts you will need more than 13 points. LaDanian Tomlinson also has to average more than 2 yards a carry and prove to be the MVP player that he is. With Antonio Gates gone Vincent Jackson and Chris Chambers both need to step up at receiver. The defense has proven they can get pressure on Peyton Manning as he threw 6 picks the last time they played. Sean Phillips and Shawne Merriman both need to get lots of pressure on Manning for that to happen. My prediction is Chargers 20 Colts 35.

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