Fbkid’s week 10 predictions

It was another big week as I went 11-3 on my picks. My hit was the Browns getting a big win at home against the Seahawks. If you didn’t think the Browns were for real you better start believing. They are right in the chase for getting a wild card in the tough AFC. My biggest miss was the Vikings beating the Chargers. You would have thought by the 9th week that the opposing teams know that the Vikings can’t pass the ball. Until they don’t Adrian Peterson will keep having big games. I was right on with my fantasy stud picks of Jason Witten and the Titans defense. Witten had around 70 yards and a touchdown while the Titans defense had 7 sacks and 2 interceptions. So here are my week 10 picks and fantasy studs.

Game of the weak: Bears vs Raiders: This one is sure to be a slugfest as neither team has any quarterback play. Don’t be surprised with a 6-3 final score.

Game of the week: Cowboys vs Giants: What about the Giants? 2 games in everyone was calling for Tom Coughlin’s head now he is doing a great job. Well thats New York for you just ask A-Rod. Expect this game to come down to the wire.

Last week: 11-3

Falcons 14 Panthers 17
Vikings 16 Packers 24
Broncos 17 Chiefs 20
Bills 27 Dolphins 13
Rams 14 Saints 31
Browns 20 Steelers 27
Jaguars 13 Titans 17
Eagles 17 Redskins 21
Bengals 20 Ravens 24
Lions 28 Cardinals 21
Cowboys 24 Giants 27
Bears 13 Raiders 10
Colts 31 Chargers 24
49ers 14 Seahawks 28

Fantasy Studs:
QB: Brett Favre vs Vikings: Favre is having a great year as he seems like he is having lots of fun again. The Packers have way to many weapons for the Vikings to stop so look for a big day. Expect around 260 yards and 3 touchdowns.

RB: Joseph Addai vs Chargers: Addai is having a great year and look for very good numbers this week. The Chargers average 4.7 yards per carry so it should be another big day out of Addai. Expect around 150 total yards and a touchdown.

WR: Lee Evans vs Dolphins: Evans has been on a roll lately and look for nothing to change. Nobody in the Dolphins secondary has the speed to catch up with him so it should be a huge day. Expect around 140 yards and a touchdown.

TE: Greg Olsen vs Raiders: The Raiders pass defense has really struggled this year and Olsen is just starting to heat up. Expect around 60 yards and a touchdown.

K: Josh Brown vs 49ers: Remember in the offseason how all the experts predicted the 49ers to make the playoffs? That seems like a long time ago. Other than a few bright spots the 49ers haven’t looked that great. Look for Brown to get a lot of opportunites and expect around low double digits.

Def: Chiefs vs Broncos: The Chiefs are slowly building a good defensive unit and should be a good play against a banged up Broncos offense. Expect around 4 sacks and 2 interceptions.

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