Fbkid’s fantasy football week 2 report

After watching games this week I noticed that every year some players have a breakout game in week one but do nothing for the rest of the year. Remember Frisman Jackson of the Cleveland Browns? I didn’t think so. A couple years ago his first game of the season he had 12 catches for 147 yards and a touchdown. The rest of the year he caught 4 passes. Here are some players to get and avoid on the waiver wire this season.
The Real Deal:
Derrick Ward RB Giants: Now that Eli Manning is hurt the Giants should rely on the running game. Considering Brandon Jacobs is hurt Ward should get all of the work. He could be a good no.3 back and if you are in need of a running back he could be a good starting option.
Ronald Curry WR Raiders: The Raiders offense is one of the worst in the league but Curry could be a fantasy star. He really turned it on late last year and started off with a 100 yard game and a touchdown. Plus he had 10 receptions to go with it. He should be at least a no.3 receiver in reception leagues.
One Game Wonder:
Chris Brown RB Titans: Brown has been a popular pickup all week but don’t buy into the hype. Brown is very injury prone and holes that the Titans opened up against the Jags won’t be open too much in the NFL. Wait a few weeks to see if he keeps it up unil you make a move.
Antwaan Randle El WR Redskins: When you get 60 yards off of a tipped hail mary, that won’t happen too much. That’s why you shouldn’t buy into the hype. He could be a good deep threat who gets a few passes thrown his way each game but that isn’t worh a roster spot on your team.

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